Is this program for you?

Are suffering a loss or health setback? Under excessive stress? Stuck? Undergoing a big life change?

Introducing our highly-curated health 3 month program at Still & Moving Center. This program is for people in transition who KNOW they need to DO something to get their health back on track. These Introductory events are your chance to learn the details first hand so that you or your loved one can apply. Come for yourself or bring a loved one who may benefit.

Next 3 month program start date TBA.

This program is for you if you are ready:

  • To make a serious change for the better with your health

  • For the support of a one-on-one health practitioner AND a wellness coach

  • To join a Vitality Team, warmly cheering each other on

  • To MOVE into a health transformation…

Priceless Benefits

Past participants have noticed an increase in mobility and strength. Their balance improves, their pain subsides. Their mood lifts and they gain greater mental clarity. They are better able to meet life’s challenges.
In three months’ time, your health can improve on the cellular level. Your weight may drop and your digestion improve. Your skin tone can become more radiant. You may observe your sleep improving, your blood pressure dropping. You might even find yourself laughing again!
You are back on track. You’ve rediscovered the joy of life!


  • Mindful movement classes
  • 1-on-1 health treatments
  • Wellness coaching
  • Vitality team spirit
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Hawaiian health option
  • Physical therapy option
  • Acupunture option
  • Feldenkrais option

Do you or a loved one NEED to regain health? To find out more…

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Personalized 3 Month Program

In this life-changing program, you’ll receive individual consultations and treatments that may include physical therapy, nutrition counseling, Feldenkrais, acupuncture, Hawaiian health guidance, and yoga therapy.
You’ll also be back in motion again, taking mindful movement classes, reinvigorating your body in safe,gentle ways. Enjoy the company of like-minded folks cheering each other on to new levels of fitness and well being. Your wellness coach will be right at your side!

Reclaim your vitality, too!

Cynthia had suddenly lost her husband, and soon after that her health. Depressed and unbalanced, she had to hold onto the walls to walk. Once she discovered tai chi with the personal guidance of one of our excellent martial arts teachers, Cynthia’s acute chemical sensitivity lessened. She emerged from her depression and ill health to become a public speaker on behalf of healthy movement and a daily Tai Chi practitioner. Her confidence and good cheer is back!
Claire was her mother’s caretaker for years, losing her own health in trying to preserve her mom’s. By the time Mom passed, Claire was overweight and exhausted. Starting with very gentle movement classes – such as Feldenkrais – at Still & Moving Center, and cheered on by our caring staff, Claire soon found her way to joyful freedance classes. She regained her energy and got her real estate career back on track.

If this program is calling to you, pay attention to that inner prompting. To find out more about it…

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