with Hideko Mukae, visiting instructor from Japan

Saturday, December 8  

3:00 – 4:30 pm     


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Come experience the fun, invigorating new dance style that is hugely popular in Japan. No experience required!

It’s fun, it’s snappy, and it’s a great workout!  Hideko is a leader in the Yosakoi dance world, giving a fresh lift to what used to be a traditional Japanese dance. You learn to dance with a small clapping instrument called a Naruko while dancing to Japanese music played by instruments like the Taiko and Shamisen.  Yosakoi, danced by everybody, from children to seniors, is popular all over Japan, performed in festivals throughout the country.  Its rhythm is catchy, and Hideko’s enthusiasm for Yosakoi is contagious! Everyone can join in!  Participants can choose to give a short performance after the class.  That’s how fast you learn Yosakoi with Hideko!  Join the fun!

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