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Thursdays 5:45 – 6:45 pm – Starts September 14th with a free introductory class!

In this Vinyasa and restorative yoga combination class you enjoy benefits of flowing between both worlds. Start slowly with our deep, yin practice, move into a vinyasa flow, then close with a restorative yin. The tone of the class is light, so you walk out feeling as if you’ve been on holiday!

This class helps you to naturally reset a healthy balance between both sides of the spectrum: mental and physical, strength and flexibility, exertion and rest.

Your two teachers, Ciara and Lee-Ann, also balance one another out. One of them wants to guarantee that you sleep well tonight from the effort you’ve put into your practice; the other hopes you’ll sleep well once the restoration session releases all your tensions of the day! Lee-Ann’s humor counterpoises Ciara’s earnestness.  Here’s a typical repartee between the two:

Ciara: “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

Lee-Ann: “If you’re not breathing, you’ve got other issues!”

Both teachers graduated from Claudia Castor’s fine Adhi Shakti yoga teacher training at Still & Moving Center, and both are students of our beloved David Sanders.

All levels are welcome to this class. Your teachers say: “You don’t have to start out all bendy to come to yoga. That’s the point! Just start from where you are!”


Ciara Steynberg – the Yin side of the class formula

Ciara explains each move in an unruffled, easy-to-understand manner, emanating a sense of patience and ease. She helps people to calm themselves. Students find her to be friendly and approachable. With Ciara’s lead you’ll come back to a place of inner retreat and relaxation. Her focus on awareness and alignment ensures that you maintain safety during this class.  

Ciara is a school teacher and is also certified in children’s yoga. A little known aspect of her life is that she spins fire!

Lee-Ann Kong – The Yang side of the class equation

Lee-Ann’s approach is fun and energetic. She encourages you to keep going even when you want to quit. Hey, you want to earn those fried foods credits for after class, right?!? When she coaches you to do your best, that doesn’t mean to do someone else’s best. We’re all here to get better, she reasons, so just push yourself to do a tiny bit better than you did before…and laugh your way through it! She reminds you to tune into your personal safety. You don’t need to do the full fancy pose – she gives you options to stay within your range of comfort.

Lee-Ann likes bringing to class crystals, candles, and essential oils for aromatherapy. She studies under a feng shui master learning how universal energy flow affects us on the personal level, and she bring that understanding to her practice and teaching of yoga.


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