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“Something about the circus stirs their souls.” Erin Morgenstern

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Circus camp is intended to inspire a healthy lifestyle and cultivate the whole child: body, mind emotions and spirit. The circus arts uniquely cultivate the qualities of concentration and balance. Children will learn to work together as a team and individually as they participate in a wide range of activities – and they will have a lot of fun in the process.IMG_7952

‘My daughter enjoyed circus camp immensely and felt very proud of all she was able to do. Thank you for creating such a marvelous and empowering experience.’

Check out Heather teaching Lyra Hoop to kids video -super fun!

We welcome children ages 6 – 12 years old

Activities include: Aerial yoga/dance, safe archery, tumbling, hooping, juggling, obstacle course, singing, dancing, acting, yoga and the walking globe.

Plus: Nutrition workshops, massage, outdoor fun, Hawaiian arts, crafts and stories.

Participants bring: Lunch, water bottle, towel, sunscreen

Happy Healthy Circus Camp DATES 2015:


June 8 -12

July 6 -10

$399 per week ☆ 10% discount for siblings or multiple weeks. ☆ 10% discount for children of Golden Circle members


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Elements we seek to enhance are:

Healthy body: Proper nutrition, balance between activity and rest, proprioception (awareness of where one’s body is in space), prowess, flexibility, strength, balance, ability to achieve calm.

Healthy mind: Ability to hold attention, concentration to delve deeply, a galloping imagination, memory, curiosity, ability to plan ahead, ability to make connections, ability to achieve calm.

Healthy emotional nature: Ability to perceive and express own feelings, ability to let go of particular emotion, kindness, empathy for the feelings of another, honesty with self and others, ability to achieve calm.

Healthy spirit: Individuality and uniqueness bubbling to the surface effervescently, rebounding Joy in the midst of adversity, self-determination, ability to achieve calm.


with Phil Doerr, KI Wagar and Heather Booth

Per child: $95 regular. $85 early bird price – sign up by October 6!

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Call (808)397-7678 to register your children; we will be happy to answer any questions!

Now you can peel your kids’ eyes away from that TV screen, video game or cel phone and enroll them in something fun and healthy: by joining the circus for a day! Led by a fine host of teachers with diverse backgrounds and rich offerings, Still & Moving Center’s Circus Day Camp will engage your child and give them an experience they will never forget.

aerial kids

The Circus skills we will cover include archery, aerial hammock, Lyra (aerial hoop), pantomime, hoop dance, tumbling and juggling, which all engage the child’s body and mind, leading to increased concentration and longer attention spans. Led by Phil Doerr, founder of Archery for All, Circus Camp is designed to build confidence, teach responsibility, sharpens focus and boosts brainpower. He believes that “nothing clears the mind better than shooting a bow.”

The circus is also a great training ground for children to learn responsible social practices, like sharing, compassion and awareness of self and others. Heather Booth, our resident aerial arts teacher, spent years traveling (in such places as Israel, Palestine and Thailand) teaching social circus, which teaches trust and encourages people to find peace. Ki Wagar is a magical teacher of aerial arts, tumbling, hooping and yoga to children. She creates a calm and supportive atmosphere for children to connect with their bodies and grow physically, mentally and emotionally. With a little luck, we may have a surprise visit from Giggles the Clown!

Healthy snacks and vegetarian lunch provided; drop-off at 9am and pick-up at 4:30pm.

Treat your children to a day at the circus where they get to be the stars!

Sundays, July 21 – August 25

9:00 -10:00 am

$20 per event for family of 2, plus $7 per additional family member

$100 for all 6 events for families of up to 4 members

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Ever feel as if your family gets so busy, you don’t have a chance to really connect and enjoy each other’s company? Come relax and have fun participating in family movement activities. Parents and/or grandparents with keiki 3 years and up are invited to come participate together. These classes are intended to provide carefree interactions among family members and with other families. Be surprised at all the wonderful and creative ways your child can move, and find new, positive ways to play together. Connect with your own family and meet new friends. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and come ready to MOVE!

Space is limited, online reservations are highly recommended. Sorry – no care available for 0-2 year olds. Make sure to have a second parent able to take the little one out of the classroom if crying or fussing while the first parent participates with the older child.

July 21

FEEL THE BEAT – Family Percussion Playshop – Kids 8 years and up

NIA FOR LITTLE KIDS  3-7 years old

July 28

AERIAL YOGA & HOOPS OF FUN! – Family Aerial Yoga & Hula Hooping

August 4

FAMILY AIKIDO – Harmonizing Family Energy through Connection

August 11

FAMILY ALIGNMENT– Yoga for the Whole Family

August 18

NIA TIME TO PLAY – Dads, Moms, Grands & Kids

August 25

HOOPS OF FUN! – Family Hula Hooping Finale!

Details of class descriptions & teachers on this link: 

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with Ki Mary Wagar

10:30 – 11:30 am

Sundays June 30 – July 28

$89 series

$21 drop-in per class

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This dynamic series will accommodate any experience level, ages 6-12. Aerial yoga is a safe way to learn coordination and proprioception: where your body is in space. As the child twists, turns, balances, stretches and hangs upside down, supported by the aerial silk hammock, there is a great increase in body awareness. This series facilitates progressive learning – from basic to more advanced coordination, strength and balance skills. 

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