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Mondays 1:30-3:30

  • $239 for 10 hours of instruction
  • Please click here for a list of supplies required for the workshop. Purchase the starter kit on your own or from our Boutique-E

About the Workshop Series:
In this five-session series, you’ll enjoy learning the properties of color and color mixing needed to create bright, luminous paintings.

First and foremost we will have FUN while making friends with Watercolor. Many have told Patrice they can’t control the paint and that their paintings get muddy. Patrice will show you how to “make friends with watercolor” and keep your bright colors bright!

You will learn the basics of watercolor, as well as the more advanced technique of negative painting to find your subject matter (hiding in the background). This includes painting where the subject is not, as well as softening edges, and providing contrast. This process works for all genres.

Best of all you’ll learn to see the world through the eyes of an artist, and to ask questions that will help you to unlock the messages within your own paintings. Be amazed by the vistas opening up before you and within you.


Patrice Federspiel

It’s been said that art is the visual expression of the human experience. Art can also be a metaphor for life. If you pay attention, you’ll notice the practice of art mirrors the living of life in many ways. As such it can be used as a tool for self-expression, self-transformation, and self-exploration. By consciously watching the way you work, you have the opportunity to view the way in which you interact with the rest of the world — on a microscopic level.

Your first relationship is with yourself. YOU are the most important element in all your creative endeavors. Always remember this! Remember this before, during, and after your projects.

Your whole body comes into play when you create. You use it to move around your subject matter and your piece, to think up your ideas, to moderate your time spent, and to critique your work. Please remember to use it to enjoy and encourage your work as well. You have an eye for what feels right and what doesn’t. Use your heart when making decisions as well as your eyes. Use the eye of your heart to watch the five year old within you paint. Then feel and encourage her/his joy in the work as you create.

Through painting, Patrice feels connected to the world around her, to the people in it, and to her inner self. Some people connect through words, some through music, some through movement; Patrice is a visual connector.

She strives to bring others into connection with themselves through her paintings.

Paintings often tell stories. Some stories are clear right away, others unravel slowly the longer you look at them. Patrice paints both kinds of stories, and often includes a “key” to understanding her thoughts.

We live in a lush, beautiful, BUSY world and don’t always take time to enjoy it. During the busy times, and during the quiet times, having one of her images in her home or office can remind her of  her connection to something larger in life than the daily grind.

Patrice’s intention is to paint the love, the energy, and life force of her subject so that you will feel it when you look at her paintings. This feeling can help you to connect with your inner self, reminding you of all that you are, and of all that you have to offer the world.



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