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Many ask: “How did Gandhi Do It?” Drawing from Gandhi’s little-known yogic disciplines, Veena Howard will illustrate how he used them to transform his personal life and bring political change. Through his own yogic practices, he showed people to look within for their power. We’ll also learn how Gandhi’s personal practices of health, vegetarianism, and self-restraint enabled him in his public life to bring about ground-shaking social, economic, and political change in India.

In our contemporary western context, the practice of yoga has generally been associated with physical movements—exercises for health and physical and mental wellbeing. Meanwhile, in the India’s traditional context, the practice of yoga is also associated with deep stillness. This deep stillness not only leads to spiritual understanding within, but has the potential to be used to effect social change.
This presentation will be followed by questions, answers and discussions of participants’ personal experience on the topic.

“The karma yogi reaches the summit of spiritual liberation using the ladder of work. He does not kick off that ladder even thereafter. He just cannot do so. Doing work becomes his nature.”—Mahatma Gandhi



Veena Howard
“In my personal life, meditation and the spirit of yoga, as exemplified by Gandhi, help me to navigate challenges with serenity.”

A dynamic presenter at national and international conferences, Veena Howard is committed to reviving indigenous spiritual and ethical approaches to connect personal transformation and social change.
Veena Howard, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at California State University, Fresno. She teaches and researches Asian religious traditions, Gandhi’s philosophy, animal ethics, interfaith interactions among Hindus and Muslims, and gender issues in Indian philosophy. She has authored Gandhi’s Ascetic Activism: Renunciation and Social Change (SUNY 2013), translated several books on a modern saint tradition of India, and has published articles in acclaimed journals. She is currently editing a book on religions of India and hopes to write the biography of one of America’s civil rights heroes.


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