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Uncover a deeper understanding of who you are as a dancer/mover through your creation of the mask. We are instinctively drawn to images of the face where the “movements of the Soul” are revealed. In today’s workshop, you, the mask-maker, will freeze a moment of this inner story, revealing the natural strengths and talents of the dancer within. This workshop will involve your senses and and your intellects of body, mind and spirit.

Dayl’s studies in Transpersonal Art Therapy lead her to discover that creative expression is innate in all humans and is an important exercise in the path to Soul healing. Join her in this workshop as she holds you through the exploration of movement and mask-making to deepen your dance experience.


“Thank you for the workshop. It gave me a different way of looking at life.” – Juliane

“Wonderful workshop. The silence was nice and setting intention with moving and static meditation a great way to begin.” – Leah

“Dayl held safe space for inner exploration – enough instruction with plenty of freedom. Thanks for the deep dive and the generous supply of art materials.” – Renée

“Thank you for this wonderful gift, my spirit enjoyed a real treat and so did all of me!” – Workshop participant

“It’s your spirit, your energy that you bring. It allows openness and healing. Thank you for sharing and relating it to dance.” – Workshop participant

Dayl Workman

Dayl’s diploma is in Transpersonal Art Therapy. This type of work goes beyond the mask we wear when we dance and brings back healing messages from the soul. The mask that we create is the creative expression of the soul, and having a visual representation of it can be used to inspire our own dance journey.

Anyone who attended our 2016 Diwali performance of the Ramayana will recognize Dayl as the detestably alluring demon princess Shurpanaka!  In 2017’s performance she poured herself into playing the jealous stepmother Kaikei. This woman knows how to enter a character, explore it, and seek its soul message.

As a teacher, Dayl creates a great space in which to learn, injecting humour and encouragement in the class environment whilst catering to all learning styles

Dayl’s passion for tribal belly dance extends to the love of community, bringing people together to move and dance the same “language”. She believes that creativity is a vehicle for good health, and what better way than to express it than through the art of dance! Dayl creates a great space in which to learn, injecting humour and encouragement in the class environment whilst catering for all learning styles.

Dayl fell in love with ATS® belly dance during her first class in January 1999 and has been performing and teaching ever since. Dayl has performed with several professional troupes in Oklahoma (Gypsy Fire), Texas (Tribal Evolution, Wild Sky Tribal) and Sydney (Urban Turban, Tribal Spirit) She has studied the dance form extensively in the USA and Australia, taking classes from such greats as Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman and Megha Gavin of Fat Chance Belly Dance, achieving her Teacher Training Certificate in 2016. Dayl incorporates zills, sword, veil, flags, fire fingers, poi/ fire poi, and fire lotuses in her performances, classes and workshops.


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