Contributed by Neela Vadivel:

Having travelled to the 4 corners of the globe for the last 20 years (11 of which were continuous world tours), Neela offers her professionally-gained health advice for travellers.

1. Adjust to your new time zone on Day One. Do your best to stay awake if you land during the day, despite the jet lag. As tempting as it may seem, avoid the afternoon nap!! Set your watch and your mind to the new time zone. Same-day adjustment may prevent days to weeks of jet lag after-effects.

2. Moisturize (body lotion, lip protection and eye drops) before and during the flight.

3. Hydrate – drink WATER continuously during the flight, avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

4. Avoid salt on long flights – tomato juice and salty snacks will increase swelling. Stick to bland food and water. Fiber also helps to avoid the constipation that can accompany travel.

5. Stretch and move throughout the flight to enhance circulation. If you can raise your feet and legs (discretely) at any time during the flight, do so.

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