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Free Community Event at Still & Moving Center

Did you know that our own hula teacher, Kumu Malia, attended her senior prom in a handmade tie-dyed dress?  She tie-dyed the fabric and her mom stitched it up!
FullSizeRender-1Join Malia for an afternoon of fun and tie-dye.  We will begin with an introduction to basic tie-dye techniques.  Please bring one or two small white items to dye.  Be sure to wash them and bring still wet in a zip-lock bag.  Once your items are tied and dyed, you will take them home with you.
Some suggestions are T-shirts, handkerchiefs, pillowcases, and cloth bags.  Afterwards, enjoy lemonade and watermelon and great company!

with Malia Helela and staff

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Bring small dyeables like t-shirts and scarves. Natural dyes indigo and turmeric will be used. They adhere best to natural fibers like cotton, silk and hemp. The more worn the fabric, the better your colors will be. Revive an old favorite tshirt or cut up some old shirts to make a unique scarf!

Golden Circle Members are invited to our Summer Social – Indigo and Tumeric Tie Dye Party for free! Non-members are welcome to attend for $10.

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