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Started September 23rd, 2020

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This class emphasizes movement and meditation for stress relief. The self-healing practice called MELT renews your interstitial fluids, which support your immune and endocrine (hormonal) systems throughout the entire body. Using a soft body roller and soft, various-sized balls, you restore and revitalize your connective tissue with the MELT technique.

Become mindful of your breath during meditation and on the floor and seated mat exercises. You move through functional flow patterns that enhance balance, grace, coordination, strength and flexibility. You emerge from class feeling relaxed, revitalized and cheered as you head into the rest of your day!

No prior experience necessary. Please dress comfortably. MELT equipment is not absolutely necessary, since the teacher can give you adaptations. Please contact Katharine Harts at for more information.


Katharine Harts

Katharine brings her bright smile and effervescent spirit to every class! She loves helping students find their connection to health and self-expression through these amazing human bodies we live in.

Katharine’s background in movement runs deep and wide. As a dance and fitness educator, she is certified in aerial yoga, many somatic disciplines and the MELT Method Bodywork. She holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Arizona, is a graduate of the Tamalpa Institute where she studied with dance pioneer, Anna Halprin.

She taught hundreds of students over a decade at her Center for Embodied Spirituality, LLC in Marin County, California. Utilizing various aerial props such as trapeze, hammock and lyra, she loves teaching dance and improvisation (See

Some of Katharine’s professional performance experience includes Liz Lerman Hallelujah Project, ORTS Theater of Dance, Body Prints Theatre, Zenith Dance Collective, Anna Halprin’s “Spirit of Place” Stern Grove 2009 and UpSwing Aerial Dance Company National Dance Week Performance 2014-2018.


Directions for getting to the online Zoom class:

1. One hour in advance, kindly sign up for your live online class on in MindBody / on our website. Our desk staff will then email you a link to your class on Zoom.

2. Please use the link to sign into Zoom, 5-7 minutes before class, allowing extra time to download the the app if you are new to Zoom.

3. Contact the desk staff at 808.397.7678 for troubleshooting.

Sundays, Jan 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th
4-8 pm
Price: $325

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This 4 week course on Sundays is meant for massage therapists, physical therapists and other interested health professionals, taught by a Doctor of Osteopathy.
Osteopathic Physicians learn many of the same techniques used by both Massage and Physical Therapists. They just learn them far more in-depth and with a greater understanding of how the body functions as a whole.
Working with muscles and joints (simple anatomy & physiology).
Throughout the course, you will learn more intricately how muscles and tendons interact. We will explore how to distinguish subtle differences between muscles, tendons and other structures. This includes the ability to detect and work on specific muscles that are covered by other muscles. You also learn how to work with very deep muscles that can’t normally be reached.
Myofascial Release
One of the most common techniques used to relax muscles and unwind fascia, the tissue between muscles. (~6 hours)
Soft Tissue
Very gentle, yet effective, this is used to reduce swelling and promote blood flow. (~2 hours)
Strain Counter-Strain
Called “fold and hold”, this technique can be as effective as a chiropractic adjustment, but without any of the risks. (~8 hours)
Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is used to reduce fluid buildup caused by cancer or heart disease (if time permits).

with Mary Francis Hoffman PhD, RSME

Saturday, January 23, 2016


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Visiting expressive arts therapist Mary Francis Hoffman comes to Honolulu to share the highly regarded practice of Authentic Movement with us. During this workshop we’ll tap into our senses and the elements of nature that deepen our understanding of our natural self. In our time together, we’ll explore our fluid self, our earthy self, and our fire self with an emphasis on breath and movement. We incorporate expressive arts through drawing, journaling and mirroring each other’s movement.

A contemplative dance and moving meditation, Authentic Movement gives us greater access to “the witness” that lives within each of us. We can think of our “witness” as that aspect of ourselves that is always calmly and non-judgmentally watching all that we do. We gain great understanding by listening to the insight provided by our own, private, witness. Reflecting on our internal transitions allows us to perceive and embody our divinity within.


mary francisMary Francis Hoffman People who dance with Mary Francis Hoffman discover more about themselves through the process. Mary Francis has facilitated 9 workshops for the Sacred Dance Guild, Hawaii Chapter over the past 14 years. She was a presenter at the Festival of 2001 and just presented again at the Waves of Grace Festival 2015. She is passionate in exploring the natural connections with mother Earth through Authentic Movement and contemporary dance. She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, a certified Yoga Instructor, as well as a certified Creative Expressive Arts Teacher.  Mary Francis’ PhD is in Transpersonal Psychology who finds doing Authentic Movement in nature to have tremendous transformative potential.

Here’s your chance to pledge yourself to a year of healthy living. You can join us at Still & Moving Center in dedicating 2016 to Healing and Health. Knowing that it takes 21 days to establish a new healthy habit, we invite you to take your health both seriously and joyfully.


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Here’s how:

  • Pledge yourself to participate in 21 days in January in either a) a class b) an event c) a healing therapy at Still & Moving Center
  • Sign up at the reception desk as a Pledge participant
  • Track your participation daily – either at the desk or on the Pledge to Health chart on the wall
  • Celebrate your achievement with fun, fanfare and free lunch on Sunday, January 31st at 12:15 pm! Prizes for folks who achieve 21 or more days on their Pledge to Health.

AND your pledge will contribute to others’ health as well:  For every pledge activity our participants record, Still & Moving Center will donate to two facilities caring for some of the island’s neediest populations:

  • One dollar to the Waianae Comprehensive Health Center AND
  • one dollar to the Waimanalo Health Center, both.

Begin crafting your new healthy life habit. What better way to initiate your New Year than by pledging to take care of your health in a way that helps others?

You can start on January 1st with our Super Class, 4-6 pm, proclaiming a conscious YES to healing, to joy, to your expanded and beautiful life! Celebrate your commitment to health with your Still & Moving Ohana. You are a shining star!

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The Living Foods Challenge is a 28 day food challenge, where you put away the packaged and convenience foods, and eat living, mostly organic, farm fresh foods for 28 days. In addition to 5 workshops, you will have access to private nutritional consultation, plus daily, one-on-one and community support.

We will test your health before and after the challenge, in terms of weight, BMI, body fat, muscle %, resting metabolism, body age, visceral fat, and antioxidant levels. Past challengers have made remarkable transformations. See how your body and health can improve from eating living foods for a month! We work with your dietary needs, work schedule and budget.

Your participation will give you discounts of 15 – 20% from Kokua Market, Wally’s Farms, Leahi Health, Green Rows Farm, VJ’s Butcher Block and Life Foods online store. Spend this month eating delicious, nutrient-packed foods!

There is no better way to start off the New Year than giving back to your body. Join in on the fun and learn during our 5 workshops every Sunday starting January 4th discussing your health, your food choices, food systems, cooking and recipes, organic gardening and farming. Special guest speakers  include Drew Wilkinson on Permaculture gardening and nutritional expert Stuart Meece on healthy digestion and assimilation.

Workshop schedule:

  • Sunday Jan. 4th, 5-7pm at the Still & Moving Center
  • Sunday Jan. 11th, 5-7pm at the Still & Moving Center
  • Sunday Jan. 18th, 2-4:30pm at Kokua Market
  • Sunday Jan. 25th, 2-4:30pm at Green Rows Farm
  • Sunday Feb. 1st, 5-7pm Completion day potluck at the Still & Moving Center!


Meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about their health, and make new friends whom which you can share delicious healthy meals with. Not only will we show you where the best places are to get your food, but we worked out sponsorships with some of the best farms and health food stores in the area to give you discounts off of their highly nutritious foods!  Be sure to check out our video below.

1bb2ed5b641cec4a0ddccbf4f3f4d6e8Ryan Hailstones

Ryan is a Certified Nutritional Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He has worked with clients one on one, with families and with groups. He created the Living Foods Challenge in hopes to reach and educate about the importance of real food, and to reconnect people with the knowledge of where their food comes from.

a653285e52a908f57da3c48ac41f2adfBeccy Hailstones

Beccy loves to share her knowledge of health and fitness. It is her passion to help her clients stay fit on the outside and healthy and beautiful also on the inside. She is determined to push her limits and challenge herself to new adventures and learning experiences. Helping her clients to find their inner beauty, strength and determination through themselves. She is a Certified 200hr yoga teacher, ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Wife and Mother to her beautiful daughter. For more info check out :






We are excited to introduce new spa treatments in the Healing Room!  Here are our May specials:

MUSCLE RELAX (dry exfoliation, warming body wrap with scalp massage, Integrated Massage, hot tea)

This warming treatment is the perfect way to address chronic muscle tension.  A thorough exfoliation prepares the skin for a wrap that features your choice of Muscle Relax (a warming and topically relaxing blend of  Rosemary, Laurel, and Sweet Marjoram essential oils) or Detoxify (a cleansing blend of Sage, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Juniper Berry essential oils that promote systemic detoxification through the skin) by Snow Lotus Organics.  Integrated Massage techniques can be tailored to suit individual needs.  You are invited to relax afterwards with your choice of hot tea.  We recommend a spicy and warming cup of Tali’s Masala Chai by the Art of Tea.

STRESS RELEASE  (gentle skin polish, hydrating wrap with foot scrub, Classic Massage, hot tea)

This cooling and hydrating treatment begins with a gentle yet thorough exfoliation of the skin.  The microfiber mitt is yours to keep after the treatment.  Your choice of essential oils are blended into a base of aloe and applied to the skin.  Enjoy an invigorating sea salt foot scrub while resting in the wrap.  Warm towels are used to cleanse the skin in preparation for Classic Massage.  You are invited to relax afterwards with your choice of hot tea.  We recommend relaxing with a cup of Egyptian Camomile by the Art of Tea.

Both treatments are 90 minutes long and cost $125.  FOR THE MONTH OF MAY, WE ARE OFFERING THESE TREATMENTS AT THE INTRODUCTORY RATE OF $99!

About the therapist:

Malia Helela is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician with over 16 years of massage experience.

Massage Special!

10% off of 3 treatments
15% off of 6 treatments
when booked with the same

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