Wednesday, October 24

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A renowned expert on women’s issues, Elizabeth Davis has been a midwife, women’s health care specialist, educator and consultant for over 30 years.

Though no longer raising children, a woman may not yet be ready to be a ‘wise old woman.’ ‘The Women’s Wheel of Life’ offers a new archetype for this woman – the Matriarch. The Matriarch is the Queen of the Harvest – reaping the rewards of sustained work and effort, at the height of her power. Elegantly self-possessed, fueled by a mature intensity and direction, she is poised to rekindle the passions, dreams, and spiritual pursuits of youth. She represents the challenge facing midlife women today – how to take credit for one’s work and make time for new creative and personal explorations. The Matriarch is but one of thirteen empowering archetypes presented in ‘The Women’s Wheel of Life.’ 

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