with Renée Tillotson, 1st Degree Black Belt

Sundays, July 26 – August 30

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Nia graduates of all belt levels welcome. The mentoring session is followed by a 10:30 Nia class by Renée at Still & Moving Center.

This Nia mentorship series provides an experience in global community for you to continue to Learn, Embody and Share Nia. While some students meet locally, at Still & Moving Center, other join us live online for a highly interactive session each week.

This series take up Carlos’ classic routine Sexi, with focus on “The Spine”. This series will explore the 9 Movement Forms of Nia, with each week taking up one of the Martial Arts, Dance Arts or Healing Arts.

renee niaYour mentor is Renée Tillotson, a 1st Degree Black Belt with 13 years of Nia experience who has been teaching movement since age 15. Nia Brown Belt Nancy Hanlon joins us online from Nova Scotia Canada to lend her extensive Nia and dance experience as well. She will support you in your journey towards mastering the music and choreography using your tools of listening, the 52 Moves, Zorro, the 8BC’s and the Art of Sensation.

Participants will experience great support in the joys and occasional frustrations of learning to teach Nia. Here are some of the accomplishments made by participants in the recent Nia Mentorship series:

• At least one job offer to teach Nia

• Possibly finding a venue for a new Nia studio

• Co-teaching classes with Nia teachers in their local communities

• Leading professional groups in songs from a Nia routine

• Teaching their first songs ever at Still & Moving Center in our Nia classes

• Leading their family members in Nia

• Feeling comfortable with music bars after being slightly or completely confused by them

• Learning how to break choreography down into manageable chunks

• Taking class to a whole new level – as students – thanks to a new understanding of the music, the choreography and the 52 moves

• Developing an encouraging support group on their new Nia path


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