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This class is presented like the soft curve of a circle – you can join in anywhere along its path, beginner or experienced practitioner. Regular practice, of course, yields the greatest benefits. Students also often notice immediate life improvements within a month of beginning T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

As you practice, your heart rate may start to lower. You will no doubt find a greater sense of calm – while simultaneously feeling more alert. The many moves that cross the midline of your body will stimulate your brain and entire nervous system. Your memory is enhanced as you learn the sequence of moves.

The Yang style T’ai Chi Ch’uan Dr. Wong teaches was restored after the Cultural Revolution by masters of the tradition when China decided to recognize T’ai Chi Ch’uan as one of their unique cultural treasures. This form consists of 24 basic moves, performed in a slow, grounded manner. Dr. Wong includes in the middle of the class exercises and elements from various martial and healing practices, and concludes with a final practice of the 24 move sequence.

Questions are always welcome, and students will find many applications to their daily experience bubbling up from this practice.

Dr. Wong Kai Ming

In Dr. Wong Kai Ming’s words, “Seek only harmony in spirit, as there is no honor in domination or control, there is no need to fight unless we allow it emotionally or physically.” Dr. Wong encourages his students to find strength and sensitivity in body mechanics, proper thought and mindset to support the mind-body systems, and an open connection to spirit. He embraces transformation of spirit-mind-body relationships, as an enthusiastic student of the martial arts and various other Asian arts, such as Fengshui, study of the I Ching, and a Japanese form of astrology.

Dr. Wong has been teaching Yang style T’ai Chi Ch’uan over two decades and holds a masters certificate in Chin Na, under Grandmaster Kam Jun Wai who taught “win without fighting”. Inspired by Taoist and Buddhist influences, he enjoys applying martial arts concepts to daily life and his medical practice, observing the benefits of resonating energy modalities as his patients recover from surgery. When challenged, he blends Eastern and Western disciplines to bring forth truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

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2. Please use the link to sign into Zoom, 5-7 minutes before class, allowing extra time to download the the app if you are  new to Zoom.

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Mondays & Thursdays 3pm.

New Thursday time starts March 21.

In tai chi, we learn to appreciate the importance of alignment and an alert relaxation rather than tense muscularity in our movement. Relaxation, together with proper joint rotation during movement allows energy to flow through freely throughout.

Tai Chi for Better Balance is an evidenced based, community translated Falls Prevention program that is endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control. It has been found to reduce the risk of falls in older adults by 55%. A slow-moving, gentle exercise program well suited for anyone with balance issues, recovering from surgery, long illness, and those that have been sedentary for long periods. Emphasis on strength building, coordination, and balance. This program has been developed and tested to include individuals with the following conditions: Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, arthritis. The class can optionally be taken in a sitting position.





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Both Feldenkrais and Qigong agree that for our Chi/Energy to flow well, we need to drop straining and striving and apply awareness and breath. The similarities of Feldenkrais Method and Taoist understandings of the body allow for the two practices to enhance each other greatly – whether on our feet, on a mat or in a chair.

In this workshop you’ll find the right alignment of your spine for the energy centers in your body to naturally open. As you gain an easy alignment of your spine, feet and knees, your standing and sitting become simple in any situation. Your back feels better. You enhance any meditative practice, whether sitting, in Tai Chi or Qigong, etc. If you do not know anything about Tai Chi or Qigong this may be a good intro.

Dr Feldenkrais, a black belt judoka in France, applied abstract eastern concepts into a palpable western method of moving that enhanced his judo and helped him to overcome a serious knee injury.

Eva Alewa Geueke

Students enjoy Eva’s sincere care for their health on every level. Eva Alewa Geueke has been a guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner for almost 30 years. She came to the Feldenkrais Method® as a young professional dancer and it changed her understanding of brain, body, movement and, therefore, herself forever. Since completing the 4-year Professional Feldenkrais Training in 1987 she has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® internationally in thousands of private sessions, week long seminars, many hundreds of week-end workshops and evening classes.

Eva loves to share her knowledge and love for conscious movement to help people to improve and excel in all areas of their lives. Eva is also a teacher of Contemporary Dance, Qigong-Universal Tao of Mantak Chia, a IAO healer, a Capoeirista (Brazilian Martial Arts) and a choreographer. She also teaches Authentic Movement and Wave Continuum, a spin of Continuum Movement.


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Once you are comfortable with the basics, Nia class becomes a fantastic, joyful workout. You can bust a sweat if you want to and condition your whole body – all without impact. Nia releases stress, heightens awareness and heals the body. You can have as much fun as a little kid letting loose on the playground!

Here’s your chance to grasp the elements that make up Nia. Learn the building blocks of Nia: the 52 Moves. Get a taste of the 9 movement forms that energize Nia – from dance to martial arts to yoga.

What a starter pack: this workshop, followed by 2 weeks of unlimited free Nia at Still & Moving Center – all for $39! Golden Circle Members: $19

Krista Hiser

When I stepped into my first Nia class, I thought “this is it!” It was like a cool dance party, except it was 9 am, and in a gym. I could get fit, have fun, and wear cool pants! For me, Nia is the ultimate in efficiency: in one hour, I get a physical workout, a mental re-set, an emotional experience through music, and an energizing connection to my sacred purpose on the planet. It’s a workout, a dance party with friends, and a therapy session wrapped into one amazing hour! Nia is THE 21st century fitness modality! In my classes, I create an energetic, athletic experience for every-BODY, grounded in the joy of movement, clarity of the 52 moves, freedance, and luxurious floorplay and relaxation. My style is athletic, creative, and zany. I teach Nia from my heart and I’m usually surprised at what comes out. I love to play with the spirit and energy of the group – each class is a unique co-creation that will never happen again! I am committed to Nia as a personal practice, and I teach it as a cumulative subject of inquiry. You can just show up to work out and break a sweat, but if you really choose Nia, my classes can be a catalyst transformative change. I am here to empower each participant to love their body and their life, and to impact our community and the world by doing whatever it is they do, and doing it better! At Still and Moving, the Athletic Nia class is 15 minutes longer, allowing a sustained cardio peak and additional time for conditioning floorplay and strength work.



with Kristin Klein

Saturday, December 12

Sign up in advance no later than Dec 10 – First come, first serve – limited to 8 participants. 


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This evening event takes place at a private home on Kaneohe Bay with a salt water swimming pool. Attendees will learn the address of the private home after registering.

Movement in & out of the pool at sunset:

Experience true flow in the body with Kristin Klein, both a yoga and Nia teacher, plus a healing massage therapist. We each inhabit our own physical ‘body of water’ and can align ourselves with the moon and the tides. This evening’s fluid movement blends Vinyasa Flow, Nia, Tai Chi, and Dance, set to an array of music, from stirring to soothing. We’ll stay in the shallower end of the pool, no swimming necessary. You’ll find yourself riding the waves within, guided by the fascial lines of your body’s connective tissue. Attune your body to its natural rhythms as you learn how to “master the flow.”

Time to reflect and share:

Journaling and sharing fellowship after moving in the water allows us to dive a little deeper, gaining more insight from our shared experience.


This catered vegetarian meal by chef Susan Prior from North Shore features gourmet


Wear your bathing suit. Bring towel, a change of clothes and a journal or notebook.

Kristin Pool


Kristin Klein (MAT # 13835) is a Hawaii Certified Massage Therapist with seven years of experience in various modalities.  She is White Belt Instructor in the Nia Technique, a somatic-based movement practice incorporating three dance arts, three martial arts, and three healing arts.Guided by the ocean in Hawaii, Kristin has begun to cultivate an authentic, intuitive process to help people heal, transform and come back to their inner child.  She offers Whole Body one on one sessions and workshops on the island to facilitate healing and transformation on a personal and collective level.  You can learn more about Kristin’s insights and techniques at

 With Kristin Klein


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A fluid movement practice aligned with the tides and the moon, this workshop offers an experience of flow in the body. Set to a variety of music, you’ll find yourself riding the waves within.  

Movement is guided by the fascial lines in the body (connective tissue) and the willingness to dive in.  A blend of tai chi, vinyasa flow yoga, dance, and Nia will assist you in aligning your body to its natural rhythms as you learn how to “master the flow.

A portion of this workshop will go to the purchase of filters for Waves for Water, an organization that provides clean water solutions worldwide. By purchasing one filter, 100 people can have clean water for up to five years. The power of one can have a huge impact. Visit for more info.

KristinKristin Klein (MAT # 13835) is a Hawaii Certified Massage Therapist with seven years of experience in various modalities.  She is White Belt Instructor in the Nia Technique, a somatic-based movement pratice incorporating three dance arts, three martial arts, and three healing arts.Guided by the ocean in Hawaii, Kristin has begun to cultivate an authentic, intuitive process to help people heal, transform and come back to their inner child.  She offers Whole Body one on one sessions and workshops on the island to facilitate healing and transformation on a personal and collective level.  You can learn more about Kristin’s insights and techniques at


World-renowned Tai Chi master Chungliang Huang celebrates the 99th birthday of Jean Erdman Campbell, ground-breaking modern dancer & wife of the great American philosopher Joseph Campbell.Jean-Campbell-Birthday-98-03

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Special guests and performers:

Jean Erdman Campbell

T’ai Chi Master Chungliang (Al) Huang

Kumu Hula Malia Helela and her halau, Na Hula Ola Aloha

Aerial Ambassadors of Still & Moving Center

Prof. Fred Lau on Bamboo Flute

This dancing tai chi master charms his way into our hearts with his stories and talents, coaxing us out onto the floor to move with him! Fred Lau serenades us with live flute. Aerialists delight us with their skills on the silks. The birthday “girl” may be so tickled by the hula that she joins the dance on her 99-year-old feet! Join us for a marvelous evening of whimsy, delight and of course, birthday cake!

Suggested Donation of $20

Your donation is tax deductible. 

Event is co-sponsored by the Maitreya Institute, Hawai’i Forgiveness Project & Zhou Enlai Peace Institute

99 heart white

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Tai Ji (T’ai Chi) Master Chungliang Al Huang returns to his beloved Hawaii to share his great knowledge, life experience and aloha. Presenting the ancient art of Tai Ji (T’ai Chi) counterpoised with several other moving art forms, Chungliang will be joined by experts in Hula, Lua and Yoga. These will be public lecture-demonstrations, with audience participation and a question/answer period.

Al-Huang-headshotAn internationally acclaimed taijiquan/Tai Ji master, dancer and performing artist, Chungliang is Founder/President of Living Tao Foundation. He has been called “a master in the arts of living” and “a sage for the modern age.” Throughout his remarkable life, everything that Huang has accomplished has been imbued with Tai Ji –  the philosophical basis of the practice of taijiquan (T’ai Chi Chuan) and variations of martial arts practice based on the Tao philosophy of Wei Wu Wei, cultivating a powerful inner strength to dance with forces of “the least resistance”.

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