with SkyLove Solei from Hawai’i Island

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Go on a Sound Journey deep into your heart to relax your body, calm your mind and balance your energy. During this experience you will be bathed in high frequency vibration of crystal bowls, gong and didgeridoo specifically tuned to resonate with your chakra system. The sound acts as a powerful medium that can support clearing away stagnant energy and balancing your system for greater health and vitality.

“It was as if I was bathed in Light… an energetic transfusion of energy clearing me to receive from the infinite.” ~ JS


Sky Love is a gifted artist, musician and a yogi. Based on Big Island in Hawaii he has been leading Sound Journeys, sound meditations and private one-on-one Sound Healing sessions across the Hawaiian Islands and elsewhere. In his work with Sky uses crystal bowls, didgeridoos, Tibetan bowls and gongs to create one of a kind sound healing experience. Sky is also a certified yoga teacher, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and an accomplished graphic artist, creating beautiful spiritual imagery. Please visit www.skyloveart.com for more info.

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