With Sharon Booth, tuning in from Vienna, Austria

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Starting April 7, 2020

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Based on the classical Pilates vocabulary, Sha-lates (Sharon’s Pilates) blends each training with her movement experience as a dancer, to benefit the client. Rhythm and humour play a HUGE role. Each lesson begins with a standing warm up, incorporating the breath and bringing a vertical energy into the centre of the body. Moving onto the floor in various exercises, Sharon helps to initiate movement from the core, lengthen and strengthen each part of the body and enjoy the feeling of full muscular engagement.

When asked to describe the feeling students have as they leave her class, Sharon answered,  “A good vibe that carries them through the day and a little burn in the butts and guts to remind them of me the day after : ) “


Sharon Booth

Born in Montreal, Canada, Sharon Booth began dancing at a very young age. After attending the National Ballet School and the Banff Centre, Sharon graduated from the Juilliard School with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999. She performed with Smuin Ballet and Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal before sustaining an injury that effectively ended her onstage career. Moving to Europe, Sharon became a certified Pilates instructor after attaining over 1,800 hours of practical training. She joined the faculty of the Wiener Staatsoper Ballettakademie and has guested at the Musik und Kunst Privat Universitt Wien. Since 2010 she has taught contemporary and modern dance workshops at Tanz Bozen and completed her certification in holistic dance therapy. Starting in 2017 Sharon began choreographing and performing for productions based in Quebec and enjoys her return to the stage very much! Since 2016, Sharon has been artistic director of the course program of Tanz Bozen-Bolzano Danza.


“Sharon is so encouraging (and hysterical – if the routines don’t make your abs ache, the laughing certainly will) and, as a ballet dancer and teacher with an incredible understanding of the body, she can really adapt every movement to best benefit the individual needs of her diverse group of clients. Sharon regularly changes up our work-outs so I’m never bored and my body never gets used to one specific routine.”

  • Jennifer, 33, USA

“Sharon Booth’s training will change your life. Sharon Booth will change your life. She will push you when you need a challenge and relax you when you need to de-stress. She will really see you and your work-out needs and professionally train and advise you. And make you laugh. You will leave the studio as a better version of yourself after each and every training.”

  • Saskia, 38, Austria

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