with Sara Phelan & live music by Roothub

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!n this class, we will explore the quiet practice of Yin Yoga. By cultivating Yin energy, we create balance on the path of self-transformation by letting go and surrendering to whatever is holding us back, and enhancing self-awareness, through the stillness of body and mind. Focusing on long-held, mostly seated postures, combined with attention to breath, this practice will dive deep into the body, via the connective tissue, and deep into the mind, via mindfulness, with an attitude of compassionate acceptance and surrender.

sara phelan“It’s deep within my roots, and the seeds were sown…” says Sara Phelan, a certified 200 hour Akhanda yoga teacher who has loved yoga since her childhood stay in an ashram in Poona, India. She’s been on the mat for over 20 years, committed to the practice of Yoga as a way of life on and off the mat, in her daily life and relationships.

Having taught a variety of yoga classes, Sara’s favorite styles are more meditative and healing. Her Yin yoga practice is dedicated to slowing down our busy lives, going deep within the body to release tension, quieting the mind through concentration, building mental as well as physical strength, and healing imbalances we may be suffering from.

Several years ago, a lovely yogini and dedicated teacher changed Sara’s life with the question, “Have you ever heard of Yin Yoga?” The question led Sara to her current teacher, Sarah Powers, and to Insight Yoga, a blend of yoga, Buddhism, and psychology.

RH promoWell known Oahu resident and national performer Roothub compliments the Yin asana practice with mindful attention of guitar playing and deeply soulful song and lyircs. His unique voice delivers a powerful, yet gentle message, deeply inspiring the mind, body, and soul.

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