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Treat yourself to deep relaxation. Come and join us on this voyage through the different layers of the body. You will be led through a sequence of restorative yoga postures that support the body in finding deep relaxation by moving out of the “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system and into the parasympathetic nervous system. We will explore some of the marma points – “energy amplification “ points – from the Indian tradition, and manipulate them through acupressure, facilitating the circulation of vital force energy through the entire body. Aromatherapy, beautifully uplifting and serene music, and candlelight will accompany you through your voyage into a deeply relaxed state, culminating in a guided meditation. Each participant will leave with a handout suggesting a sequence of the vital acupressure points to try at home. No prior yoga experience is necessary, only an open mind and the desire to feel better in your body. Aum, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Great for personal restoration. 

Claudia Castor

Growing up in Europe and traveling throughout the world led Claudia to study and practice yoga in order to encourage a slower and simpler life style. Finding joy and peace through her experience with yoga is what inspired Claudia to begin teaching.
Claudia’s teaching style integrates the functional alignment, core strength, flexibility and balance of Sri T. Krishnamacharya’s classical Hatha yoga lineage as well as the stimulating and creative elements of Kundalini yoga. She also incorporates the heart opening, illuminating, pure love of Bhakti yoga which celebrates life and invites grace to flow. She has extensive training in a variety of lineages, including: Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra, Bhakti, Vinyasa Krama, Zen, Yin as well as the healing science of Ayurveda. Claudia truly enjoys synthesizing all of these wonderful teachings with her own vibrant approach to create unique classes plus individualized private sessions.
Grateful for all the teachers she has met along her path, Claudia continues to enhance her knowledge through studies and practice. Her passion revolves around inspiring students to live their full potential with an open heart and receptive soul.

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