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Saturdays – Aug 25, Sept 22, Oct 27

1:30-2:45 pm


  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing – August 25, 2018

A workshop to “embody” the movement and efficient use of this most important breathing muscle, the diaphragm. Through experiential anatomy, imagery, and movement exercises we will create better breathing capacity, healthy organs and more core support. We will learn:

  • Self-touch to show location and synergy with the other core muscles.
  • Why bracing your abdomen inhibits the diaphragm’s movement and abdominal conditioning.
  • To apply correct diaphragmatic breathing with our Pilates work.
  1. Fabulous Feet – September 22, 2018

A workshop to “understand” the design of your feet, your foundation. Discover their dual purpose and the know-how to develop strong and flexible feet. Through experiential anatomy, imagery and movement exercises we will create the foundation for strong and balanced feet. We will learn:

  • Self-touch procedures for creating strong and flexible feet.
  • Elastic band exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the foot/ankle.
  • Simple at-home Franklin ball exercises to strengthen your dynamic base.
  • To utilize our strong footwork with our Pilates balance work.
  1. We’ve Got Your Back – October 27, 2018

A workshop to ‘incorporate’ (bring into the body) healthy spine function. Discover the several layers of muscles and fascia of your back and how to work them properly. Through experiential anatomy, imagery and movement exercises we will create a healthy, strong and flexible spine. We will learn:

  • How to free our spine through balanced muscle action.
  • Self massage on the Franklin balls and foam roller.
  • To apply this multi-dimensional training with our Pilates Mat exercises.

Lisa Ortega Loya

Lisa began her Pilates journey in California where she received a Theater/Dance degree from Cal State University, Fullerton. Managing her back pain from scoliosis, she worked for several chiropractors and discovered the Pilates technique was the only thing that helped relieve her symptoms. Lisa immersed herself in Pilates work and became one of the founding members of The Institute for the Pilates Method, the only national Pilates organization at the time. She continues to run, surf, swim and play tennis.

Lisa moved to Hawaii in 1990 and taught creative movement and dance in local schools with the Hawaii State Dance Council and became a certified personal trainer through American Council on Exercise (ACE) and American Federation of Fitness Association (AFAA). In 1993 she opened On Balance Pilates Studio, the FIRST Pilates studio on Oahu. She has since moved to Kailua where her current studio also offers Dynamic Strength,  TRX, Floor-Barre (R) and Bones for Life (Feldenkrais based).

Lisa has conducted many workshops on Oahu and outer islands for HMSA, Alexander and Baldwin, Mid-Pacific Country Club, Ko Olina, Olelo, and YMCA. On Balance, a former certifying studio for the PhysicalMind Institute, has been featured in The Honolulu Advertiser, Midweek, HMAA newsletter, Inside Out magazine and KITV News. She writes articles and is an expert contributor for Kailua Beach Neighbors magazine. Through years of continuous study and personal practice, Lisa has developed a unique eclectic style. Her teaching integrates her rehab, dance and fitness background, and she enjoys challenging and inspiring her students  to move with grace and efficiency in their bodies. Lisa hosted the Franklin Method educators here on Oahu and they are the first group to be certified in Hawaii for the Level One Franklin Method Training. She continued with her Franklin training in Portland and is now Level Two certified.


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