With Eddie Bruno Oroyan & Jessica Eirado Enes


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Saturday April 11, 2020: $25

Part 1 & 2 Price: $40 

Starving Artist Price: Two people, at the same location take the workshop(s) together for the price of one person. See directions below.

For this workshop we highly recommend having a partner or someone from the same household, with whom to communicate/move with. Most of the activities will explore contact without touch, but there will be physical interaction, so having someone there with you will be important. You will also each need ten small coins (pennies, dimes) and two larger coins (quarters, half dollars), which we advise to clean beforehand.

In this time of worldwide pandemic there are still ways to connect and move with others from a distance. Contact means more than simply physical touch. We can affect one another, for example, through sound vibration, through eye contact, through subtle body reading, through imagination. 

We begin the workshop with a series of movement explorations to mindfully train the brain alongside the body, to develop our awareness and choice with an ‘as we are, not ‘as we want to be’ approach. Tools and guiding are offered throughout the class to enable subtle and gross awareness and develop presence. The goal is to observe and understand the animal inside, to recognize the direct weave of the mind and body, and to learn how mindful decision and wildness can coexist. 

Our partnering class pulls from the idea of the ideomotor phenomenon that is considered an ‘invisible player’ and dives into how to train at the subconscious level, the level where we ‘do’ without thinking. In this partnering class we focus on sharpening hyper listening and empathic moving, we question what it means to join a movement journey and to explore manipulation through agreement. And we will do all this without physically touching. The workshop will be structured as two sessions.


Starving Artist Price Directions:

Please, have the first participant enroll and pay for the workshop here: Sign up now!

Once you’ve paid, please have your housemate create a profile here: http://wordpress-466955-1661168.cloudwaysapps.com/register/

Our front desk will email you (the first participant) a link for your Zoom workshop 1hr before the start time. Once you’ve logged into Zoom, please state the name of your partner so the teacher can confirm attendance.


I find it important to at least address the idea of observing the animal inside us that drives most of our decisions, to, at least, begin to understand how to be available to a partner and not to be distracted by the sensations that might come from moving with another person.

– Eddie

More info at www.myhomelesslover.com


Eddie Bruno Oroyan

Eddie feels most at home in Hawaii, growing up half his youth in Waipahu and is delighted to have the chance to spend a bit of time on the island again!

After an injury in late 2014, Oroyan began a practice of meditation and observation. His performing and studies have long included animal reflex training and proper response, but his new practice has and continues to teach him curiosity and awareness of the more subtle and delicate, the empathetic. After returning to performing and teaching, Oroyan is moved to explore and share these discoveries through the stage and classroom.

Oroyan is in his sixth year with Ultima Vez, having toured and performed primarily with What the Body Does not Remember and, currently, in the production of In Spite of Wishing and Wanting. He has also been working with Emmanuel Gat Dance since 2017 on the projects TEN WORKS & and is currently working on the project STORY WATER, that will premiere in Avignon, France in July. His experience spans Creach/Company, Shapiro & Smith, ARENA Dances, Zenon, Andrea Miller, and Roberto Olivan. He was a founding mover and an Artistic Associate for company Black Label Movement and continues as an active choreographer. His most recent collaborations presented at American Dance Festival 2014 (with Carl Flink) and Zürich Tanzt 2015 (with Rakesh Sukesh). Eddie presented a solo in 2016 at P12 Space in Brussels and is currently developing a duet with Natalia Pieczuro and Jessica Eirado Enes.

Jessica Eirado Enes

Jessica was born in Italy in 1993, now based in Brussels and working as a freelance dancer and choreographer. From 2012 to 2015, Jessica took her dance training in Modem Codici Gestuali of Compagnia Zappalà Danza, in Scenario Pubblico-International Choreographic Center of Sicily. While there, she did an internship in Compagnia Petrillo Danza directed by Loris Petrillo. Jessica was also part of a collective of women, including Marika Meoli and Iro Grigoriadi, that created a 40 minute work, called “È Vietato il Gioco Della Palla,” supported by Ursino Buskers Festival 2017, and performed in Castello Ursino of Catania.

For her professional experience after training, Jessica joined Compagnia Petranura Danza, directed by Salvatore Romania and Laura Odierna, dancing and touring throughout Italy in several pieces of the company: “Agamennone Criminal Case, South Sensation, Agua/Resistenza”. In 2016, Jessica received also a scholarship to join the intensive program for contemporary dancers “Nod” in Turin, studying repertory of famous companies, such as Batsheva, Ultima Vez, Hofesh Shechter. Jessica worked also with Annamaria Ajmone, performing in “Imaginary Garden With Real Toads in Them” during Festival Biennale of Venice. In 2017 Jessica was part of the acclaimed production of “Requiem for Aleppo,” choreographed by Jason Mabana, at Sadler’s Wells Theatre of London, followed by an European tour. In 2018 , Jessica joined the Belgian company Zemiata, directed by Youri De Gussem.

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