Sundays, Jan 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th
4-8 pm
Price: $325

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This 4 week course on Sundays is meant for massage therapists, physical therapists and other interested health professionals, taught by a Doctor of Osteopathy.
Osteopathic Physicians learn many of the same techniques used by both Massage and Physical Therapists. They just learn them far more in-depth and with a greater understanding of how the body functions as a whole.
Working with muscles and joints (simple anatomy & physiology).
Throughout the course, you will learn more intricately how muscles and tendons interact. We will explore how to distinguish subtle differences between muscles, tendons and other structures. This includes the ability to detect and work on specific muscles that are covered by other muscles. You also learn how to work with very deep muscles that can’t normally be reached.
Myofascial Release
One of the most common techniques used to relax muscles and unwind fascia, the tissue between muscles. (~6 hours)
Soft Tissue
Very gentle, yet effective, this is used to reduce swelling and promote blood flow. (~2 hours)
Strain Counter-Strain
Called “fold and hold”, this technique can be as effective as a chiropractic adjustment, but without any of the risks. (~8 hours)
Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is used to reduce fluid buildup caused by cancer or heart disease (if time permits).

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with Michael P. Quirk, DO, Medical Director, Oahu Osteopathic Clinic


Price: $75

Lymphatic drainage is  a great way to tune-up the immune system. Lymphatic drainage is often used for detoxification diets and to treat illness. Learn from a physician:

  • How you can perform this helpful technique
  • the basic anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system and how it impacts the immune system and overall health
  • the concepts behind lymphatic drainage.

You’ll get to give and receive table work and ask questions.


michael quirkMichael P. Quirk is a Physician certified in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapies and Family Medicine. He has over twenty years experience in therapeutic massage, spinal adjustments, lymphatic drainage, and cranial-sacral techniques.

Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) are equal to Medical Doctors (MD) in both training and practice. The difference is that DO’s are also taught how to use their hands to relieve pain and reduce the symptoms of many different diseases.  They use multiple techniques that range from soothing Cranial-Sacral to stimulating Lymphatic Drainage, to spinal adjustments and many others.

Students are amazed how much more sensitive their touch is after training with Dr. Mike. He is highly interactive, making sure that all students understand and can use their new skills. Anatomy and physiology are explained clearly. Eastern medical philosophy is discussed. He gives the students both knowledge and tools that will benefit their practice.  Dr Quirk has been using Osteopathic Manipulation in the hospital, urgent care and clinic for over twenty years. He uses it to successfully treat diseases of the lung, heart, nervous system and gut as well as spine.

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