By Renée Tillotson

Thanks to Matt Johnson, founder and CEO of Oahu Fresh, being an enthusiastic yoga student of ours, Still & Moving Center has just become the newest pick-up location for the Oahu Fresh CSA program!

Our Still & Moving Pick-up Schedule will be: every Tuesday between 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

The Oahu Fresh CSA program makes it easy and convenient for you to get the freshest selection of locally grown produce and food products from farms across the island.

From eggplant, potatoes, and baby greens to ulu, bananas and avocados, each Farmer’s Market CSA bag will include a balanced selection of 6 to 7 of the best vegetables and fruits available on the island each week. Additional options and bag selections available as well! Visit to view CSA options and sign up for the bag of your choice!

And remember to select Still & Moving Center as your pick-up location if Tuesday evenings work for you!

Oahu Fresh is made up of a network of local farms. They connect their members, including families, restaurants, stores, hotels, and schools, to locally grown products.  They deliver a weekly bag of farm-fresh produce directly to homes, offices or centralized pickup locations.

Their farming partners grow the freshest, tastiest produce that you can find, ranging from lettuce, squashes, tomatoes, tropical fruits, herbs and much more!

Oahu Fresh works with a variety of local farms using different growing practices.  Those farms include: Punalu`u Ahupua`a Farms, Ho Farms, Kakoo Oiwi, Kama`aina Plant, Kahumana Organic Farm, Mari’s Garden, Nalo Farms, Pacific Gateway Center, Small Kine Farms, Twin Bridge Farms, Maui Gold, Pineapple Co, Kunia Country Farms, and Kualoa Ranch.

When someone asks if the products Oahu Fresh uses are organic, they always ask back if the asker means “Certified Organic” or not certified but still using organic practices. To be certified by the USDA, not only does the farmer need to follow a certain set of growing practices, they also need to complete a series of recordkeeping processes to be able to prove to a 3rd party auditor they are properly following the organic guidelines established by the USDA.

The one common connector is that the farms that Oahu Fresh works with use Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which applies to both certified organic and conventional growers.  GAP controls the practices of the farm by regulating planting methods, following all guidelines for any fertilizers or pesticides (organic & conventional) used, as well as treatment of farm workers.

Contact:  808-476-7550

Still & Moving is proud to introduce great, new activewear made with organic cotton and bamboo fabrics that are both beautiful and affordable. Boutique-E is the only place in the Hawaiian islands where you can find them! 


“As we are cultivating consciousness here in our movement classes, we are expanding to include the clothing we wear as well,” says Renee Tillotson, our director.

Why buy organic? Since at least 25% of the world’s most harmful pesticides are used to grow cotton, by cleaning up this one industry we can take a big step toward living in harmony with the planet. It is empowering to remember that the choices we make as buyers dictate what is produced.

Organic bamboo fiber has a natural anti-bacterial and deodorization effect. This occurs totally naturally without chemical treatment, so bamboo fabrics are ideal for those with skin allergies or who are chemically sensitive. Bamboo regenerates naturally without replanting, eliminating the need for re-forestation. Bamboo fiber is 100% bio-degradable through prolonged sunlight exposure. Bamboo fiber naturally blocks 98% of all harmful UVA rays!

Introducing the active wear lines now carried at Still & Moving Center’s Boutique-E:

Green Apple Active was pioneered with the vision to innovate and create new organic products for the active lifestyle arena. They use only natural raw materials, organically grown Bamboo & Certified Organic Cotton in all of their apparel. These crop pants are made from organic bamboo and cotton with 14% lycra for a great fit.

GGO fine organic bamboo clothiers is one of the few yoga lifestyle brands whose yoga collection is actually designed by a yoga professional. Vivica Schwartz – a long time practitioner and instructor of vinyasa flow yoga – design assisted and personally tested GGO’s women’s yoga collection. GGO bamboo grows wild in northern Vietnam and it is harvested responsibly.

Queen of Hearts  and OmPure Clothing are independently owned and operated businesses. Their production takes place on Bali, co-creating with a family-owned cottage industry. The companies have been able to keep their family of tailors working full time and make annual contributions to non-profit organizations in Bali.

While they are not an organic line, their designs are innovative, made with fair-trade practices. The soft, light-weight fabric is 90% rayon and 10% lycra and the styles are breezy like the islands, a perfect fit for Hawaii and you.

Inner Waves Organics:

100% organic cotton fitness clothing made in the USA. In their holistic approach, they have chosen a low-impact dyeing process, sourced sustainable materials and sought out suppliers and manufacturers who comply with Fair Trade Labor Practices.

Super Buddha: When you purchase a garment from Super Buddha you are dealing directly with the artist designer who created the design. They always strive to source garments that are made in the USA and  keep as much of their production as possible local.

Super Buddha garments are hand printed or decorated by Super Buddha Collective artists in Santa Barbara, California USA. Sanskrit mantra: “You are All the Buddha.”

Tees for Change are made of sustainable and organic fabrics. The blend of bamboo and organic cotton used creates a luxuriously soft tee. Water-based and environmentally friendly printing methods for their designs. They plant a tree for every tee you buy!

Great fashion article by Honolulu’s fashionista, Paula Rath about all the lines we carry with lots of fun photos:


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