Conducted by Renee Tillotson, Assisted by Lorna Moglia

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Nia Mentorship Series: Dragon Routine

Conducted by Renée Tillotson, Assisted by Lorna Moglia

Sundays  • 5/6/2018 – 7/29/2018 

9:15 -10:25 AM (HST)

The series is conducted in person at Still & Moving Center as well as online via GoToMeeting, on which all participants can be seen and heard, live time.

Focus and Intent: The focus of Dragon is the foundation, connecting to Earth and the power of Earth’s gravitational force. The Intent is to sense body weight shifting and balancing along the smile line as well as down the legs.

Unique to the routine DRAGON is the attention to the Martial Arts with dancing stances and slow movements evolving to fast. Allow yourself to let go and use the unique dragon imagery and Asian visuals to take you on a mystical journey as your students follow.

Each session of this series we’ll focus on a different aspect of the anatomy of the base of the body: from the arches of our feet to our psoas / hip flexor.

Renée and Lorna teach you tools to unpack each song of this Dragon routine, musically and choreographically. Renée shares insights from her 16 years of Nia practice and teaching, including life lessons from both of Nia’s founders, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.

You will find in this mentorship program important instructional tips and a huge virtual hug of support and encouragement.  The bonds of fellowship and interconnectedness that you will share with your fellow mentees and mentors are almost palpable. Participants in former mentorships series have evolved into teaching single songs as guest instructors; teaching partial or whole classes as subs; to teaching classes of their own.

Our participants can range from Japan to Canada, from Georgia to Wyoming, and of course Hawaii.

We enjoy time for check-in and sharing our individual Nia practices, time for experimenting with our Nia toolbox of skills, time for decoding the music, and time for moving with the music.

$110 for the 11 week Series. Normal drop-in rates of $17 paying online in advance or $20 paying in person will apply for those who can only attend the parts of the series.

Dragon Routine is available as a DVD with all teacher features and also on Nia TV.

Syllabus of Dragon Songs & Anatomy Focus



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