During the year-long tenure of her US visa from Canada, Nancy has danced her way into all of our hearts. Nance, as we fondly call her, has become a beloved confidante to many at Still & Moving and a staunch friend of the Center itself. And if there’s any crazy dancing going on at our reception desk, Nance has probably been in the middle of it!

As a lifelong dancer and dance teacher, as well as a Nia Black Belt, Nance began her stint at Still & Moving by helping to give birth to Jerome Mestre de Trevino’s new movement class, Body Attunement. She also introduced two other new classes to Still & Moving: Nia & The Dance Arts and Moving to Heal.

Nancy has been a cheerleader, confidence booster, relationship builder, and organizer of all things wonky. Thanks to Nance’s foresight, you will now find some of Still & Moving Center’s biggest annual events in the Still & Moving Center almanac. She helped to bring in our new General Manager, Linda Awana, and has given me (Renee) invaluable support and council.

Bringing a fierce adherence to truth and authenticity to every moment, Nancy inspires the same in others. She often coaches us to breathe and sense our bodies. She wisely reminds us that at the core we are energy beings who each, moment to moment, create our own reality.

As she and her husband Billy head back to Canada for new, uncharted adventures in about a month, we send with her our deepest gratitude, fond aloha and a hui hou!

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