毎週水曜日 Wednesdays 2 – 3 pm (HSTハワイ)

(日本時間: 木曜日 9 – 10 am) 

2020年7月1日スタート! Started July 1, 2020 * Last Class October 28, 2020

*このクラスは日本語で行われます。This class is taught only in Japanese.


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クリパルスタイル インナーフローヨガ




Zoomでオンラインクラスに参加!日本語説明ビデオ(iPhone 編)

Kripalu Style Inner Flow Yoga in Japanese

Inner flow is vinyasa style yoga based on Kripalu yoga, which focuses on deep breath, longer hold, and exploring your body and mind through simple movements.

You will experience your new edge, deep release of your muscles and also emotions.

 All levels are welcome. Each practitioner will be guided to comfortable yet challenging zones.


Mizuho Williamson






Mizuho’s students know her to be a skilled yogini and clear, helpful teacher. She masterful demonstrates each yoga asana (posture) so that her students understand the move, and she cues it step-by-step with her voice.

She has completed her ERYT 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training and is highly trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Kripalu yoga styles. Mizuho credits her teacher Rupali Embry for much of her learning.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Mizuho moved to Hawaii in 2008, where she loves the tropical, beach lifestyle. As native Japanese speaker and Japanese translator who is also fluent in English, Mizuho conducts her classes in either English or Japanese or both.

Mizuho loves teaching ashtanga and vinyasa flow yoga, in which she has excelled since 2010. While working as a Japanese translator for a skilled massage therapist, Mizuho grew passionate about wellbeing and healing beyond the benefits of yoga. Having completed her training at the Hawaii Massage Academy, she received rave reviews at the school clinic. She is currently learning traditional Hawaiian lomilomi from Hawaiian healer Mr. Kahu Manu. Mizuho specializes in a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, lomilomi, and shiatsu.

“I am gifted with warm, strong hands and skills from not only practicing massage, but also practicing/teaching yoga. It is my pleasure to heal people physically and emotionally.”



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3. 問題のある場合はe-mail またはお電話でお知らせください。

日本語:eriko@stillandmovingcenter.com  英語:808.397.7678

*詳細:www.stillandmovingcenter.com/get-started-japanese を参照。

Instructions for getting to the online class:

  1. Kindly sign up for your live online class at http://wordpress-466955-1661168.cloudwaysapps.com/schedule/ . One hour before class, our desk staff will email you a link to your class on Zoom.
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with Mizuho Williamson

Saturdays 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Oct 26, Nov 2 & 9

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Ever need a change of perspective?  Let’s try looking at life upside down! This workshop will start with some warm-ups and standing asana.  Eventually we’ll work our way down to the floor.  From there, Mizuho will gradually and SAFELY bring us into inversions. If you are a beginner at doing shoulder stands, headstands, bridge or wheel pose, no worries – Mizuho will take you gently through the steps.  If you are ready to learn more advanced variations, she will help you progress in the upside down world!

Please note: Inversions are not recommended for women during their cycle.

Here’s an interesting article on 10 Reasons to Love Wheel Pose. You’ll be pleased with how refreshed and creative you feel after oxygenating your brain this way!


Nia by Mizuho Williamson 

新しいヨガスタジオにちょっと仕事がらみでお邪魔しました。Still & Moving Center


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