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Saturday  & Sunday,  October 8th & 9th

12-8 pm


1.   Feel the pulse and flow of the nervous system

2.   Learn how to improve this flow in a gentle and relaxing way

3.   Touch sensitivity training

4.   Intuition training

5.   Specific techniques for the sinuses, skull and neck

6.   Introduction to the Primary Respiratory Mechanism and Qi

Students are amazed how much more sensitive their touch is after training with Dr. Mike. He is highly interactive, making sure that all students understand and can use their new skills. Anatomy and physiology are explained clearly. Eastern medical philosophy is discussed. He gives the students both knowledge and tools that will benefit their practice. Dr Quirk has been using Osteopathic Manipulation in the hospital, urgent care and clinic for over twenty years. He uses it to successfully treat diseases of the lung, heart, nervous system and gut as well as spine.

Medical professional, LMT’s and even self-educating lay persons who want to help their friends and family can benefit from this course.

michael quirkMichael P. Quirk is a Physician certified in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapies and Family Medicine. He has over twenty years experience in Osteopathic Manual Medicine, including: therapeutic massage, spinal adjustments, lymphatic drainage, and cranial-sacral techniques.

Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) are equal to Medical Doctors (MD) in both training and practice. The difference is that DO’s are also taught how to use their hands to relieve pain and reduce the symptoms of many different diseases. Dr. Quirk has also studied hypnosis, lomilomi, and many other non-traditional healing techniques.

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