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Lu Jong, also known as Tibetan healing yoga, is an ancient series of movements developed for self-healing. With this easy-to-learn practice we are able to release blockages on the physical, energetic and mental levels of the body. The result is that we effectively combat disease and imbalance, transform negative emotions and increase our vitality. In short, we feel happier.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, this practice gently works with the spine, the guardian of our well-being. It supports healing processes and cultivates body awareness, inner sensitivity and mental focus, which is the foundation of all spiritual practice. Easy to learn and to include in your daily routine, Lu Jong can change your life.

in this 3 hour workshop you will learn the first 5 movements of Lu Jong, all done in a standing position and working mostly with the spine. Called the 5 Element movements, they will help you to connect with nature: earth, air, wind, fire, and space.  To understand how Lu Jong works inside your body, we’ll also touch on some of the principles of traditional Tibetan medicine.

Over 8000 years old, Lu Jong comes from Tantrayana and Boen traditions and is rooted in traditional Tibetan medicine. In this view, disease is a result of an imbalance of the elements and the humors (vital substances) in the body. By combining form and movement and utilizing the breath, Lu Jong gently opens the body channels to release blockages and mobilize misdirected energies. By harmonizing the elements and humors in the body, Lu Jong thereby improves physical health, mental clarity, energetic vigor.


sandySandy’s passion is helping people to become healthy, pure hearted and highly conscious human beings to make our world a happier place with less suffering.

After working in the fitness and health industry for over 25 years as a fitness/aerobic/Pilates/nutrition expert, Sandy found herself searching for ways to help her clients on different levels than just the physical body. Becoming an amazinGRACE healer enabled her to bring changes to the physical body while working with the energetic and emotional body.

While she was grateful for these new tools she had gained, she knew there was still something missing… until she found the practice of Lu Jong. She loved it from the first minute and is now one of only eight a certified teachers in the U.S. Originally from Bamberg, Germany, she is on a mission to bring this wonderful practice to America. For more information about Alexandra’s work, please see:


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