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The Wild & Wise Men’s Development Workshop reminds men that all they need is already within them.  Together we will explore and develop connection to the innate intelligence of the body, integration of logic and intuition, and our power to create a life of passion and purpose.

Embodied Practice – Self Knowing – Relationship


  • Strength through Softness and Sensitivity.
  • Embodied Confidence.
  • Sacred Self Love.
  • Fulfilling Relationships.
  • Balanced Masculine Energy that supports Connection.


  • Wild & Wise  workshop is created around the premise that now is the time for Men to step forward into our rightful role of embodied, power-full, life-supporting, loving, peaceful warriors.
  • This workshop gives Men the tools and cohorts to reflect to them their own balance of masculine and feminine traits, and the manliness and inherent strength in living this way.   
    • Men will learn about embodied emotions and the sensitivity and bravery to honor this sacred guidance system.
    • Transformational breathwork.
    • How to honor our own energy as sacred.
    • How to build relational intimacy from conflict.
    • Why self-care is essential for being a space-holder.
  • From this place of strength, Men can create and live a generative energy field that supports connection with other men, women and all walks of life.  
  • What’s in it for us?  What is the reward for this commitment of not engaging in competition and domination, living from intuition informing logic, for honoring the heart and body as well as the mind.
    • Deep connection to all of our relations.
    • Strong intuition that emanates from our bodies.
    • Relaxed power and self confidence.
    • Long term health and emotional wellness.
    • Transformed personal relationships.


  • The workshop is 3 hours long.
  • All levels welcome.  No previous experience necessary.
  • Practices Included:
    • Somato-Emotional Sensory Work.  
    • Embodied Archetypal Practice.
    • Group discussions.  
    • Breathwork.  
    • Partner sharing.  
    • Deep Listening Practice.
    • Developing a Practical Spiritual Practice.

Trevor Spring

”What is possible when our body is not contracted, but expanded and expressed in all of its potential?” asks Trevor.

This steady stream of curiosity and 15 years of experience as a Movement and Lifestyle Coach inspires Trevor’s quest for rich sensory experience and a sense of grounded freedom in the body. Trevor has a masterful ability to sense what the deep body and mind wants most and to create that invitation in a poetic, powerful and accessible way.

Trevor is a CHEK Practitioner with the CHEK Institute, where he studied personally with Paul Chek, Russian kettlebell instructor, Movement Therapist and Men’s Embodiment Coach. Trevor has worked with just about every type of high performing athlete that lives, he has run gyms and created educational curriculums for trainers. For the last 5 years he has been facilitating men’s developmental work and he continues to grow in his craft.

Some of Trevor’s favorite modalities are Functional Foot Training, Animal Flow, Movnat, stability ball, breathwork, somatic therapy, nature therapy and the didgeridoo.

Says Trevor:

“I Believe people are Ready for This! I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout the United States and Hawaii since 2003 to facilitate their growth and life-ownership. My aim is to introduce clarity, accountability, and ultimately embodiment of your full potential. I also teach integral techniques to better manage the emotional, physical, logistical and relational gauntlet of modern life.”

Contact Trevor:

Phone:  (808) 927-5611





Youtube:  Trevor Spring

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