with Anna Wilson, creator of Hawaiian Magpie Jewelry

Please bring additional $8 to Anna for her direct cost of materials for a 5″ string of beads.

Pre-registration by Mar 15 morning required to gather materials

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Strings of stones have been used for thousands of years for prayer and meditation to focus the mind. Join Still & Moving Center’s resident crystal expert Anna Wilson, crafter of our Hawaiian Magpie Jewelry, for this workshop. Cultures around the world have consciously chosen to use crystals for their healing properties for aeons, and most traditions of faith use strings of beads for meditation and prayer. Good Western medicine documents the efficacy of using focus objects to create neural pathways. Many sensory nerves go to your hands, so if you learn to associate an object – such as a string of stones – with your mental goal, you naturally fire up those neural triggers.

The workshop will start with a short meditation, followed by Anna sharing some of the symbolism and healing properties typically associated with the crystals you’ll be working with.You will choose the crystal and wooden beads that speak to you, then craft your healing string of beads.  Feel free to bring additional beads of your own that hold special value to you. Kindly pre-register at least a day in advance to give Anna notice of how many materials to bring.

Anna WilsonAnna Wilson: “I started using crystals for therapy about 3 years ago. While it began as a private exploration of their healing properties in my own life, I felt compelled to bring them into my massage therapy practice as I learned more and had more experiences with them. I’ve studied many different theories by many different authors, and through the course of my investigation have decided to focus on the work of a German researcher by the name of Michael Gienger. I believe that healing, no matter what tool you use, involves a certain amount of introspection and personal investment. Crystals are a wonderful way to begin or to continue any healing journey.”


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