We are delighted to announce Linda Awana as our first-time-ever General Manager of Still & Moving Center.  Given our long-lasting friendship and mutual trust, I’m delighted that Linda’s capable hands are maintaining the smooth running of our world-class center. 

A local gal, Linda comes from a systems analyst background with decades of experience in the insurance industry, both here and in California. She served as the General Manager for Soultrex climbing and outdoor store in Windward mall.  

Some of the things I love about Linda are her hearty enthusiasm and good humor, her strong commitment to excellent customer service and her great love for fitness and movement.

She’s a feisty one, teaching both our Zen Archery and Women’s Self-Defense classes, so rest assured that she’s got your back….and your myofascia if you take foam rolling with her!

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Art in a Time of Chaos: Treasures from Six Dynasties China, 3rd – 6th Centuries

Honolulu Museum of Art

with  Bruno Ballestrero and Linda Awana

Sunday, June 19 – Father’s Day!

linda awana

11:30 am & 12:30 pm: Self-Defense techniques for all, even the youngest children by Linda Awanafounder of The Inner Roar and a black belt in Kajukenbo (Chinese Kempo).

12 & 1 pm: Kung Fu demonstration, participation and talk about how to avoid fighting by Bruno Ballestrero, Director of San Bao Center and instructor of Shaolin Kung Fu


Here’s a fun Father’s Day idea! Introduce the kids and yourself to some ancient Chinese art with some engaging activities by two of Still & Moving Center’s martial arts teachers


Watch short video with Linda here.

Q: Tell us about yourself…


A: I am a Kajukenbo (Kempo) practitioner and a self-defense specialist trained in archery. I enjoy working with women who want to know more about listening to their intuition or simply want to feel more confident when out in their everyday world.

Q: What’s empowering about Zen Archery?

A: It gets us to a primal essence – as women in a natural state of being, when we are in our full creativity. When I am in the zone, I can feel it. I can harness, set my intention and direct the energy; these are insights to hit my target, and it is the most zen. It allows people to achieve their goals. I ask my students, ‘What is the thing you want to reach?’ as a metaphor for their lives. This practice teaches focus: Why are your eyes anywhere else other than your goal? Set your goals in life and keep your eyes on it, making sure you follow through.


Zen Archery brings into our bodies that ability to direct our energy. The rest translates into our lives as we show up each week and choose to play, focus and embody the practice.  

Q: What’s empowering about Self Defense for women? How do you think this impacts women’s lives?


A: As a culture, I believe we lose ourselves in our everyday busy lives. We lose ourselves to what everyone expects from us, we put ourselves last. This class Is a place for students to take back those pieces they’ve lost, to take care of the self… we need to learn to say NO! This “NO” is a crucial part of self-defense.


Not all women – yet a majority of us – are trained and conditioned to be quiet, to be peacemakers and mediators, to say ‘I’m sorry’ no matter what caused the disturbance. This practice is about how not to be quiet, in those moments when we need our voices to be heard, when we need our voices to stop the silence, the violence.


We all have an inner roar – an inner tiger. A tigress is not angry – she is a tiger standing in the center of her individuality – her center of power. That power is you: your unique inner voice and gifts that you bring to the world. We’ve build walls around our centers – our primal intuitive nature that knows how to create and knows when not to be silent! We need to get back there. This center is your space, your tiger.   


We all have the right to have a space to be safe in our body-mind. Your space is in relation to your comfort zone. Listen to yourself, your body, and whatever is is right for you, honor it. Don’t give it away – don’t let anyone tell you that it is wrong…. We keep attempting to fit into a cookie cutter – no justification is needed, if you are uncomfortable or afraid…that is the Inner roar – your inner voice. It’s time to listen to it.


That is what this Women/Girls’ Self-Defense offers: a space to know and to develop the skills and capacity to use them in a safe space.


Q: How has Women/Girls’ Self-Defense impacted your life?


A: This is what I notice in sharing my passion: With young girls in grade 2 they have a voice on the playground, but by 4th grade they can’t squeak it out. As grown-ups, many end up in abusive relationships…as result of ignoring their inner voice, justifying behaviors and not being able to say no. Once you’re in the cycle of abuse it is hard to get out.

When I ask the kids, ‘What’s your biggest tool?’ I will often hear, ‘Your fists!’ My approach is different – it’s non-confrontational. Your biggest tool is your brain. You brain reads your body signals, and it offers you sensory cues that feed back to the physical body. I teach children and women to run fast and scream… it is critical to know what you can do. It’s equally critical to know what you can’t do. Now you know you have the choice…a choice to grow.

Q: What is the overall message behind Zen Archery and Women’s Self-Defense?

A: As generalization, we’ve been taught not to defend ourselves and if we muster the courage, we then apologize for defending ourselves as result of the disturbance we may cause. This does not move us forward. It keeps us stuck in our cultural conditioning and fails to empower our children.

Teach your brain and your body that this power is here, in your center, in case you need to bring it up….

My self-defense and Zen Archery Classes will push your edges; they are designed and delivered so that you can discover you can move beyond your limits in great company and in an environment of safety that you can push through allow the release of the primal energy and become very different through the experience.


Q:  Why do you choose to teach at Still & Moving Center?


A: Because of Renée Tillotson’s vision:

  • The  atmosphere, environment – the inclusion and willingness to empower people.
  • The space has been created with intention – the atmosphere is soothing, and the energy from the Center is different than a gym.


with Renée Tillotson and Faculty

Friday, Jan 1


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Welcome in the New Year with 100 Minutes of Healthy Exercise! Experience 5 mindful movement practices for 20 minutes each.

Here’s our lineup: Find your center with Yin Yoga Guided Meditation, ease into Hula aloha or find your spunk with Jazz Funk. Roll out the kinks with Foam Roller OR move your cardio up a notch with Dance Fit & Kick. Experience spinal extension Aerial OR relax into Rest & Restore Yoga. Ascend to the rooftop for sunset Nia.


Our Super Class is the perfect way to commence your New Year’s resolution and your Pledge to Health. Our motivated teachers are here this New Year’s Day to support you. It’s the one and only class we offer on that day.

What an empowering, healing way set your healthy new year into motion!

with Linda Awana 

Saturdays, Nov 7, 14, 21
4:00 – 5:30 pm
Non Members $30 per session /$80 series
 Golden Circle Members $ 25/ $70 Series


Have you ever felt uneasy, uncertain or anxious in a new situation or environment?  Ever felt nervous or fearful when you’re out alone? Your intuitions are real and should be heeded.  Learn practical, simple techniques that help build your confidence, increase your strength, hone your awareness and tap into your inner power.
Be confident in an unexpected, uncomfortable or unsafe situation.  Don’t let the situation un-do you!


Nov 7, 2015 – Let’s Face It
Awareness is key.  What environmental factors do you need to be aware of?  We’ll explore the head and face area (yours and someone else’s) for vulnerabilities and explore your options.  Introduction to Voice Training and the Startle Effect.  Where is your strength in this region?


Nov 14, 2015 – Take a Breath
The next key is Self-Assurance. Stand tall with your heart and inner power as well. Explore the areas of the upper body (yours and someone else’s): What are your options and what is at risk?  Introduction to the Big Scene concept and overcoming Brain Freeze. Learn your tools in this region and how to use them.


Nov 21, 2015 – A Little Foot Stompin’
Confidence is the key here. An exploration into what tools you have in your lower body and how to effectively use them. Practice taking action with utmost confidence, even if you can’t quite see the target. Introduction to the Pile Driving Technique.


with Linda Awana

Nally Shoot KaelepuluHave fun while improving your focus, eye-hand coordination, balance and aim. Great training to improve concentration. Using intuitive aiming techniques, come to a better consciousness of your body as you mindfully work on perfecting your technical skill. Learn the mechanics of shooting, gain information about the equipment and enjoy Linda’s positive encouragement! Class will include target shooting, balance drills, moving archer skills as well as moving target practice.

Linda archery


With a life long passion to inspire and empower women towards a healthier (therefore happier) lifestyle, Linda Awana has successfully taught all levels of physical fitness, Kardio Kempo, Women’s Self Defense, archery and basic bouldering (rock climbing). She is a certified Brain Management Consultant in the Dahn Yoga ™ system, a black belt in Kajukenbo (Chinese Kempo), and a Dotong Gunja, (a leader in the Hong Ik Vision which means, for the benefit of all). In addition to teaching, she is currently an active practitioner in Korean power yoga, full body foam roll-out, kardio kempo, archery, bouldering, and just began enjoying Nia. She has a passion for the outdoors, which includes hiking, mountain biking, nature photography, fresh air, tranquil settings and sunrises. She loves to share these passions with others because it is renewing and restorative.  Linda is a USA Certified Level 1 Archery Coach.


with Linda Awana, founder of The Inner Roar

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Feel safe in new territory. Find that tigress within yourself, able to protect a loved one or yourself in a time of need. Your teacher is Kempo Black Belt, Linda Awana, the founder of Inner Roar, enabling women to tap into their inner resources of power. Just learning some of these effective techniques of self-defence will increase your confidence, for example when walking alone or in unknown places. Gain clarity of awareness, get a good handle on your strengths, and learn real-life techniques to protect yourself. We’ll teach you some kicks, strikes and blocks for a new sense of security. Starting a new school? A new job? Don’t let an unfamiliar setting intimidate you.

Linda Awana:  With a life long passion to inspire and empower women towards a healthier (therefore happier) lifestyle, Linda has successfully taught all levels of physical fitness, Kardio Kempo and Women’s Self Defense.  She is a certified Brain Management Consultant in the Dahn Yoga ™ system, a black belt in Kajukenbo (Chinese Kempo), and a Dotong Gunja, (a teacher).


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