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Saturday Feb. 4th

7:30 – 9:30 pm

Price: $20, Golden Circle Members $18.


Ananda Rasa Kirtan is a fully participatory musical experience, engaging body, voice, heart and soul. David Estes, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, leads the Ananda Rasa (nectar of bliss) Kirtan.  Having grown up in India, David has studied music since childhood and spent several years completely immersed in the devotional singing practice of kirtan, Sanskrit text chanting, meditation and seva (service) as a full time resident in daily  ashram life.  Ananda Rasa Kirtan is rooted in traditional Sanskrit chants and mantras sung to original melodies in light classical Indian ragas.  Now based in the cosmopolitan setting of San Francisco, David brings additional musical influences to his kirtan, including Sufi Qawwali and roots reggae. You can explore the ecstatic and mystical moods of bhakti (devotion) with his call and response chanting with the audience.  


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