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Thursdays, 5:45 – 6:45 pm

Starting June 22


Take your Vinyasa Flow Yoga and blend it with Belly Dance shimmies and Continuum Movement’s undulating wave motion.  Enjoy letting your asanas blend into playful movement and breath.  Learn to follow your own rhythm, stretch, press, and movement. The class concludes with an introduction to meditation and offers a taste of energetic peace and deep rest.


Kathryn Rone

If you are looking for a safe place for your yoga or mindfulness practice, Kathryn is here for you. She helps you to connect with your own internal movement and gain new insights.Our unconscious expresses itself in physical symptoms. Through mindful movement we can gain awareness of what our body wants to say.

Kathryn helps students connect to their internal resources for stress and pain management, physical rehabilitation, to process social conflicts, and heal from trauma.

Kathryn’s interest in the healing power of movement and art has lead her to study Continuum Movement and Fluid Yoga. She had the honor of training under John Firman, Ann Gila, Emilie Conrad, Anna Halprin, and Angela Farmer. During her Masters studies she specialized in Somatic Psychology and Art Therapy and spent five more years training in body mind healing methods. She is a registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Continuum Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Psychosyntesis Practitioner.

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