First and Third Friday of the month, at 7-9pm, $15 and $10 for Golden Circle Members.



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$15 and $10 for Golden Circle Members


~ A journey into dance and sound to open the heart and awaken the soul.


Dance of Bliss merges live music, ecstatic freeform dance and sound healing. With the insightful guidance of these experienced musicians and ecstatic dance leaders, you can enter a heightened awareness where creative play, divine joy, liberation, release, transformation, empowerment, and authentic expression come together to cultivate balance. In this safe, sacred space, drug and alcohol free, awaken to your full potential.

Our Dance of Bliss opens with sitting in sacred space connecting to your intent. The music begins and you are invited to slowly move, guided by the heartbeat of Mother Earth. World music fills the space with the sounds of didgeridoo, Native American and Middle-Eastern flutes, spirit chants, and tribal percussion. As the rhythm picks up so does the energy, so let yourself go and dance freely, as your body and the music lead you.

As the journey slows, you are invited to lay down in shavasana and go on a deep dive with the sounds of whale songs where the didgeridoo, tuned to the frequency of love, is felt as a sonic activation and cleansing. The session comes to a close by gathering once again in circle feeling connected, grounded, rejuvenated, inspired and blissful.

Your dance journey happens in Still & Moving Center’s Barefoot Ballroom, containing a beautiful statue of Shiva Nataraj, the hindu Lord of the Dance who mythologically establishes the universal rhythms of birth, death and rebirth. Shiva’s joyful cosmic dance is called Anandatandava, meaning the Dance of Bliss.

Beneath Shiva Nataraja’s standing foot squirms a small being who represents the lower, selfish aspect of our nature. The purpose of Shiva’s dance, it is believed, is to release humankind from ignorance and the snare of illusion of this little “self.”  Our dancing, likewise, can free us – for the time – from the drama of our personal lives to enter a greater awareness, ecstasy and experience of the divine.


  1.  Move however you wish
  2.  No talking on the dance floor
  3.  Respect yourself and one another; establish clear consent when engaging with others
  4.  Maintain this as a safe, Drug & Alcohol Free space
  5.  Refrain from photos, video, shoes and scents.


b&Wbali fluteJohn Dumas M.S. is an internationally renowned musician, shamanic astrologer, inspirational teacher, and pioneer in sound healing. He performs concerts and leads workshops and retreats internationally with his unique handcrafted flutes and didgeridoos. Healing through sound is the culmination of John’s educational background in the fine arts, Psychology and study of indigenous cultures. It is John’s belief that through the universal language of music; where words are not needed that the beauty of oneness begins to emerge all over the world ushering in a true Aquarian age.

John has several recordings available that explore the infinite realm of dreamtime ranging from tribal/world trance to relaxing meditative soundscapes exploring higher states of consciousness. He calls Hawaii home where he enjoys surfing and swimming with the whales and dolphins, creates his one of a kind instruments, performs concerts, facilitates sound healing ceremonies and live ecstatic dance. John is available for private sessions over Skype as well as in person.

In’lakesh “I am another yourself”  ~ John Dumas


154cefab-6af3-4db2-8639-ead8c66d0f40Aki Inouye  uses powerful rhythms of the Taiko drums to create an electrifying energy that carries audiences in a new dimension of excitement. Aki’s sensei here on Oahu is Taiko master Kenny Endo

Aki  is herself a certified Japanese traditional Taiko drumming teacher and a director of ‘Joyful Noise’ Taiko ensemble. Born in Japan, Aki graduate from Osaka College of Music and has been teaching and performing professionally since 1990.  She has been involved in theater productions,TV and radio recordings.

The founder of Aki’s School of Music on Kauai, Aki has taught music at many public and private schools on Kauai including Kauai Academy of Creative Arts and Kauai Community College.

She has been performing music with John Dumas internationally since 2014.

with Sky Love

Friday, December 6

8:00 – 9:15 pm


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Go on a Sound Journey deep into your heart to relax your body, calm your mind and balance your energy. During this experience you will be bathed in high frequency vibration of crystal bowls, gong and didgeridoo specifically tuned to resonate with the human system. The sound acts as a powerful medium that can support clearing away stagnant energy and balancing your system for greater health and vitality.

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