With Malia Helela & Eriko Jones

Thursdays 2:30 – 3:30pm

Starts April 16, 2020

$27 / class

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Learn modern style hula, accompanied by songs played on the ukulele. Taught by our experienced kumu hula (traditionally-trained Hawaiian dance teacher): Malia Helela. Thousands of students around the world treasure Kumu Mālia for her warmth, her grace, her lovely voice, and her talent in conveying authentic hula. Eriko Jones has been  translating for Kumu Mālia for the last decade, both in Hawaii and Japan.

This class is for your individual enrichment only.  Students do NOT have permission to use the choreography you learn in the class for performance or teaching. Please consult with Kumu Malia for further clarification.


マリア・ヘレラ & 通訳:エリコ・ジョーンズ

木曜日 2:30pm~3:30pm

1クラス $27


ウクレレ演奏曲に合わせて現代フラを習いましょう! 経験豊かなクムフラ(伝統的訓練を受けたハワイアンダンス講師)マリア・ヘレラによるアロハのフラ。世界中の多くの生徒がクム・マリアの優美で思いやりのある心温かい人柄、とても癒され魅力的な声、アロハの心で本格的フラを伝える優れた才能に魅了されています。ハワイと日本でクムマリアの通訳を10年以上努めてきた エリコ・ジョーンズの通訳付きクラスなので安心して参加できます。

*このクラスは個人がフラに慣れ親しみ、楽しむためのクラスです。このクラスで習う曲·振付は許可なしに教えたり、パフォーマンスに用いたりすることはできません。詳しくはクム·マリアにご相談、または日本語で通訳エリコまで お問い合わせ下さい。

日本語ライブ通訳付きクラス。ウクレレ演奏の曲に合わせ、フラ・アウアナ(現代スタイル・フラ)を踊りましょう。心優しく愛される人気のクムフラ、マリア ヘレラによるアロハのフラ。

Malia Helela

Kumu Malia Ko’i’ulaokawaolehua Helela strives to live a life of grace. Her halau, which meets at Still & Moving Center, is Na Hula Ola Aloha. Completing her uniki under Kumu Hula Puluelo Park in 2002, she now teaches hula and oli to a wide range of students, from infants and toddlers to kupuna. Malia studied oli (traditional Hawaiian chant) under Kumu Hula Keola Lake. She began her formal training in lomilomi as a teenager. She was licensed by the State of Hawaii as a massage therapist in 1998 and as an esthetician in 2002. Her hula practice and lomilomi practice, she says, are the same. She continues to look to the beauty and grace of the Hawaiian environment for grounding and inspiration.



Eriko Jones

Eriko serves as Still & Moving Center’s official Japanese/English translator of our website and as our contact person for all Japanese guests. She has traveled with and translated for our kumu hula (hula master) Malia Helela for since 2010. We prize Eriko’s warm graciousness as well as her excellent language skills.

Born in Tokyo and raised in Yokohama, Eriko moved to the USA in 1993 to attend college in San Diego, graduated from UCSD with B.S. Biology, and made her dream come true as a dolphin trainer! She also spent two years at a school in Los Angeles training to be an interpreter. With her American husband, their bilingual little boy, and many American and Japanese friends, she’s constantly working in both languages!

Eriko’s English/Japanese translation work, both written and spoken, has taken place in many settings: classes, workshops, in courts and law offices, hospitals, trade shows and business meetings. She does event planning and coordination, as well as marketing – mediating between the Japanese and English-speaking cultures.

Eriko is no ordinary translator. She goes into the ocean at sunrise for Hawaiian hiuwai ceremonies and hikes up mountains to interpret for hula dancers.  She has spontaneously modeled clothing for our boutique and played a role of magician/deer in a performance. She even emceed for a hula performance at Ala Moana Center Stage one time!

As one of those rare individuals who has trained dolphins, Eriko evidently speaks a third language: Dolphin!

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