with Kate Keilman

kate keilmanIntroductory workshop about the Bates Method to heal nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, crossed eyes and more. Some folks see better in just two hours! Good for all ages. http://www.keilman.org/eyeballs.htm 

Call or email for reservations: ktk@keilman.org or 263-2012

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Dr. Bates, an ophthalmologist, stopped prescribing glasses to his clients after noticing that their eye problems got progressively worse after wearing the “eye crutches”. He discovered that the glasses, or eye crutches, actually prevents the eyes from healing itself naturally. His more than 30 years of research to find an alternative to eye glasses was published in “Perfect Sight Without Glasses” in 1912. He attributed nearly all sight problems to habitual strain of the eyes, and felt that glasses were harmful and never necessary.

with Eva Geueke

Saturday, August 24

1:30 – 4:45 pm

$48 a session

$115 for 3

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Healthy Spine Series

Saturdays August 17 – October 5

There is an intimate relationship between eyes, neck and spine: the eyes organize the spine. They can help it to turn better and become more elongated. The benefits of this  workshop are better eyesight, better memory, good posture and more mobility in your neck and entire spine. Eyes do not have to deteriorate when you get older. Glasses are not the cure for bad vision; it is merely a good crutch. If your eyes are not as good as they should be, you can change that with these wonderful Feldenkrais eye lessons.

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