with Anandra George, Life Coach and Mantra teacher

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Experience the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, which correlate to the 50 petals on the chakras, energy points (marmas) in the body, and the universal building blocks of creation (tattvas).

Taste the alphabet, with it’s 5 mouth positions, and you’ll pronounce any Sanskrit word accurately in the future. It’s the essential foundation of a mantra practice.Watch Anandra introduce what you’ll be learning in this video!

This workshop will supercharge your mantra/chanting/kirtan practice with transcendent bliss, beyond the point of no return! Set your chanting on fire!

anandra georgeOver the past twenty years, Anandra George has been dedicated to spiritual development through inner yoga and meditation. Ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 1999, certified as a teacher of mantra in 2008, and becoming a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher in 2008, Anandra has diverse skills to draw from in her teaching and True Freedom counseling work.

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