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Have you ever wondered about this class you see so many people going to and coming out happy, but you can’t even say its name?!?

Fell-den-crise is a class that fundamentally heals your body. This is a beginners’ series to introduce you to how to heal YOUR body by getting to know yourself and your body’s ways better. If you can possibly commit to the whole 5 week series, it will bring you great benefit, body and mind. If you can just drop-in in for one or two sessions, that’s good start! To know more, about the Feldenkrais Method visit this Feldenkrais Moments Video post by the International Feldenkrais Federation.

Brigitte is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais ® teacher. She is dedicated and passionate about the Feldenkrais method. Formerly kindergarten teacher, she is an enthusiastic instructor. She enjoys sharing the Feldenkrais technique in two ways: group classes (formally known as ATM – Awareness Through Movement) and one-on-one sessions (formally known as FI – Functional Integration lessons).

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