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$40 individual, $55 pre-registered pair

Lomilomi has traditionally been practiced in the home.  This two hour workshop will provide you with practical and accessible lomilomi techniques that can be safely shared with your family and friends.

Therapeutic touch begins when a mom first smoothes her hands in wonder over her growing belly. Across human experience, skills develop as parents perform endless diaper and clothing changes and learn what helps to soothe their individual keiki. The need to provide reassuring touch continues through the bumps and bruises of childhood to the aching hearts of teenage life.  Whether or not we are parents ourselves, we remember what it felt like to be young and hurting and cared for – or wanting to be cared for.

We reach out in sympathy and kindness to friends who experience pain, both physical and emotional.  We gently hold hands with precious elders who may not be moving around the way they used to.  At the heart of the human experience is a calling to care for one another, and this can be accomplished beautifully through lomilomi.

Please bring a pillow and a pareau/sarong to class.  Lessons will take place on the floor, although some massage tables will be available for those who have a hard time getting up and down.  Students are encouraged to buddy up in advance.  Not only will you be motivated to practice on each other, but different people remember different things, and you will take away a bigger picture between the two of you.  Individual attendees are also warmly welcomed, and you will be partnered up at the beginning of class.


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