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The Living Foods Challenge is a 28 day food challenge, where you put away the packaged and convenience foods, and eat living, mostly organic, farm fresh foods for 28 days. In addition to 5 workshops, you will have access to private nutritional consultation, plus daily, one-on-one and community support.

We will test your health before and after the challenge, in terms of weight, BMI, body fat, muscle %, resting metabolism, body age, visceral fat, and antioxidant levels. Past challengers have made remarkable transformations. See how your body and health can improve from eating living foods for a month! We work with your dietary needs, work schedule and budget.

Your participation will give you discounts of 15 – 20% from Kokua Market, Wally’s Farms, Leahi Health, Green Rows Farm, VJ’s Butcher Block and Life Foods online store. Spend this month eating delicious, nutrient-packed foods!

There is no better way to start off the New Year than giving back to your body. Join in on the fun and learn during our 5 workshops every Sunday starting January 4th discussing your health, your food choices, food systems, cooking and recipes, organic gardening and farming. Special guest speakers  include Drew Wilkinson on Permaculture gardening and nutritional expert Stuart Meece on healthy digestion and assimilation.

Workshop schedule:

  • Sunday Jan. 4th, 5-7pm at the Still & Moving Center
  • Sunday Jan. 11th, 5-7pm at the Still & Moving Center
  • Sunday Jan. 18th, 2-4:30pm at Kokua Market
  • Sunday Jan. 25th, 2-4:30pm at Green Rows Farm
  • Sunday Feb. 1st, 5-7pm Completion day potluck at the Still & Moving Center!


Meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about their health, and make new friends whom which you can share delicious healthy meals with. Not only will we show you where the best places are to get your food, but we worked out sponsorships with some of the best farms and health food stores in the area to give you discounts off of their highly nutritious foods!  Be sure to check out our video below.

1bb2ed5b641cec4a0ddccbf4f3f4d6e8Ryan Hailstones

Ryan is a Certified Nutritional Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He has worked with clients one on one, with families and with groups. He created the Living Foods Challenge in hopes to reach and educate about the importance of real food, and to reconnect people with the knowledge of where their food comes from.

a653285e52a908f57da3c48ac41f2adfBeccy Hailstones

Beccy loves to share her knowledge of health and fitness. It is her passion to help her clients stay fit on the outside and healthy and beautiful also on the inside. She is determined to push her limits and challenge herself to new adventures and learning experiences. Helping her clients to find their inner beauty, strength and determination through themselves. She is a Certified 200hr yoga teacher, ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Wife and Mother to her beautiful daughter. For more info check out :






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