Lei Aloha – Beloved Lei

Tuesday, December 10
9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Experience a uniquely Hawaiian perspective to visiting sacred spaces with native Hawaiian practitioner Malia Helela. Learn hula and lei making at beautiful Waimea Valley on O’ahu’s North Shore! Learn to appreciate aspects of nature that you might never notice on your own. See Hawaii with new eyes.

“Ask permission and give thanks – that was the Hawaiian protocol that extended into every aspect of life in nature.” – Nana Veary

The day begins with making our first lei with a native ti leaf. We offer this lei at a Hawaiian place of worship, Hale o Lono Heiau, asking permission to enter the valley. A sense of welcome arises from creating a personal relationship with a place. Carry that perspective forward in your life.

A lei symbolizes life, with beautiful memories and loved ones strung together like flowers in a lei. Weaving our way through Waimea Valley, a traditional home of priests in ancient times, we honor our role as the string that holds the beautiful moments of our lives together.At the boundary between common and priestly land, Malia will offer a chant in Hawaiian to state our peaceful intentions.

On the Great Lawn, we will settle in for a morning of instruction. As an experienced and encouraging kumu hula (hula teacher), Malia will teach even people with two left feet to dance with confidence and grace. You will dance holding the lei kui (lei of flowers) that you strung with your own hands.

If you have ever dreamed of bathing in a mountain pool under a cascading waterfall in Hawai`i, here is your opportunity. Imagine yourself coming upon a beautiful waterfall and mountain pool. As part of our closing ceremony, we will gather in the face of Waimea Falls to weave a single lei hipu`u as an offering of our thanks. Any interested person is welcome to join Kumu Malia in swimming the lei out to the waterfall. Safety is assured with the presence of City & County Lifeguards. Activities include lei making, hula lesson, lecture, ¾ mile walk to Waimea Falls, gift and closing ceremony. After the workshop, participants are welcome to keep their flower lei or release them into the ocean.Price $95 (package deal available when combined wth Sunlit SkiesStill & Moving reserves the right to cancel this event if there are fewer than 4 signups.  Transportation available, please inquire.

Take both Authentic Hawaiian Experiences!

Participate in both Authentic Hawaiian Experiences before and after your Nia Brown Belt:

2 for $295 

malia-headshot-outsideAbout Malia Helela
Malia is an authentic Kumu Hula: a recognized hula teacher, officially having graduated after 17 years training from a hula halau (school) of a long and esteemed Hawaiian hula lineage. In over a decade of teaching her own halau, Kumu Malia counts as her students dozens of hula teachers throughout Japan as well as many hula dancers in Hawaii. Fluent in Hawaiian, Kumu Malia frequently composes her own original oli’s (sacred chants). Kumu Malia is the originator of the Sitting Baby Hula program, the choreographer of numerous hulas in both the ancient and modern forms, as well as being the repository of myriad traditional hulas, oli’s and general Hawaiian cultural knowledge. In keeping with her tradition, she is an observant and reverent student of nature and keeper of the land – the ‘aina.



Infuse your Nia Brown Belt adventure with an authentic Hawaiian experience before and/or after the event! Whether traveling solo or with family and friends, don’t miss the opportunity to experience true Hawaiian culture and natural beauty as Malia Helela, an authentic Kumu Hula, leads you through 2-day and 1-day workshops that will leave you with a deeply profound appreciation for dance and cultural tradition of Hawaii.

Sunlit Skies – An Introduction to Beginnings, Hawaiian-Style
Sunday & Monday, 
December 1 & 2
9:00 am – 2:00 pm

At Makapu`u Point on the Eastern tip of O’ahu, feel your heart bloom to the light, warmth and enlightenment that comes from our life-giving sun. Hawaiians have long revered the sun and continue to celebrate its rise in the east as a symbol of new beginnings. This 2 day workshop with Kumu Malia Helela will highlight chants and songs that honor the sun and its rising in the east.

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