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The definition of Wholeness

  1. An undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting;
  2. A state of robust good health.

The 21 Day Whole You Challenge

What it is: Take care of the Whole You by participating in one activity per day at Still & Moving Center on any 21 days in January, 2017:

  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Events
  • Massage
  • Private Feldenkrais session or
  • private training.

Go for variety or go for depth with your activities. Either way, the wholesome practices you participate in at Still & Center will enable you to take care for the Whole You!

Here’s why:

You are a whole body-mind-spirit being. You are marvelously complex, with many aspects of yourself that deserve attention. Some parts of you may benefit from the discipline of skilled training, other parts may thrive with the gentleness of well-informed self care-taking. You will enjoy learning something new, building on what you’ve already acquired. Part of your nature likes to draw inward for strength and calm stillness. Another part of your nature delights in the companionship and good cheer of fellow seekers of a wholesome, joyful lifestyle. The Whole You can benefit from your participation at Still & Moving Center.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up at the reception desk to take the 21 Day Whole You Challenge
  2. Start with our free January 1st Super Class to get a broad survey of our wholesome class options. Or start later if you’d like.
  3. Do one healthy activity each day for 21 days in January – the days do NOT need to be consecutive.
  4. Use your Golden Circle membership or class packs to attend OR use our NEW 1 Month Class Pass.
  5. Plan to celebrate your Pledge Completion Ceremony on Wednesday evening, February 1st when we will honor all our Pledge Participants.

Your Reward:

  • a newly designed Still & Moving Center T shirt
  • paid entrance to the Great Aloha Run
  • a free pre-race coaching session with personal trainer May Del Rosario…

And a healthier, happier, more well-rounded, Whole You!

New Fitness Center: Yoga, Nia and Pilates

Mindful Moves


Still & Moving Center’s director, Renée Tillotson (center), joins her staff of Nia teachers in the Barefoot Ballroom of the newly opened fitness center. “Nia is a body, mind, spirit practice incorporating dance, martial arts and the healing arts,” says Tillotson. The center has Nia classes seven days a week—as well as other forms of moving meditation such as yoga, Pilates and aikido—and classes for all ages, from tai chi for arthritis to hula for babies. In addition to three studios, the center has a boutique featuring clothing, books and locally made snacks that support a healthy lifestyle. 1024 Queen St., 397-7678,


Massage Special!

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15% off of 6 treatments
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