Eva is back at Still and Moving Center. After teaching many workshops and several Feldenkrais intensives in Germany these past months, Eva decided to start out with teaching an Intensive at Still & Moving Center.

An Intensive will help participants with their good new years resolution for more fitness, mobility and less pain or tension and give an experience of lasting change. For all who want a better result by focusing for 3 consecutive days on the health of their spine and their entire being. Each day will build on the other but workshops can be taken together in a package or separately.

$85 with PRE-REGISTRATION for all 3 days. $105 AT DOOR for all 3 days. Jan 23/24/25

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Freedom for Neck and Shoulders

Friday, Jan 23

6:45 pm – 9:00 pm

FeldenkraisIn this workshop, you learn movement lessons that will help you to free your neck. Get rid of pain and benefit your shoulders, entire posture and self. The neck is like a bottleneck between our brain and our torso. Unfortunately that is where we carry around lots of tension and injuries making that narrow place even narrower. That results in many unpleasant, painful and even dangerous conditions. If we can soften and heal there we may have a whole different outlook on our life. These Feldenkrais movements are easy to do and good for all age groups (from 9 to 99) and most medical conditions. $35 for 2.15 hrs


Neck Mobility, Better Vision and Elongated Spine 
Saturday Jan 24 
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
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hseyes2-e1374782438746The benefits of this seminar are better eyesight, memory enhancement, good posture and more mobility in your neck and entire spine. There is an intimate relationship between eyes, neck and spine: The eyes organize the spine. They can help it to turn better and become more elongated. Eyes do not have to deteriorate when you get older. Glasses are not the cure for bad vision; it is merely a good crutch. If your eyes are not as good as they should be, you can change that with these wonderful Feldenkrais eye lessons. $38 PRE-REGISTRATION $45 AT DOOR for 3hrs

From Neck to Sacrum: Good Spinal Function 

Sunday, Jan 25

4:30 pm – 6:45 pm

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HSneck2-e1374775501722You learn to balance the curves in your spine. Through mobilization of all the vertebrae you will find better posture, health and healing for the bones, stability and mobility. The Atlas and the Sacrum have a special relationship. The sacrum is one of the most fascinating bones in the body .The sacrum is literally the middle of the person, the center and originating point for the energy which ascends and descends through the spine. The sacrum is the lower pole of the cerebrospinal system. It conveys the greatest energy charge in the spine. $35 for 2.15 hrs

Eva Geueke has 30 years of international experience as a dance and movement teacher. She practices the path of embodying the sacred through dance and conscious movement. Her desire to heal her soul led her to become a professional daevancer. In 1987 Eva completed her 4-year Professional Feldenkrais Training, which changed her understanding of brain, body and movement forever. Eva is a Qigong teacher of the Universal Tao. She has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® internationally for 25 years.

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