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Rediscover your innate capacity for effortless, organic, efficient, and graceful movement. Some students find themselves freed of years of pain that they thought they would live with forever. Feldenkrais “Awareness through Movement” lessons consist of gentle movement sequences that can eventually become more complex as you progress. After attending the classes for a while, you will find improved flexibility and breathing, coordination and balance. No prior experience necessary.

Feldenkrais® is based on a sophisticated understanding of the human nervous system that helps students continuously improve their functioning in all areas of life. This method uses learning in the way that babies learn: through exploring movement and sensing the environment, in order to get whatever it is we most want out of life.  For a baby that may be reaching for a toy and bringing it to the mouth, but for an adult, that may be learning to play a sport better, becoming a better actor or dancer, living a pain-free life, increasing productivity at work, or finding harmony at home.  Many students of the Feldenkrais® Method find their physical and non-physical problems spontaneously disappearing as they increase their self-awareness.


Erica Trivett

Erica knows the body well, both from her own physical practices as a dancer and from her training and experience helping other bodies heal with Feldenkrais Method® and Osteopathy. Whether in class or in a treatment session, you’re in good hands with Erica.

Originally from Vancouver, Erica enjoyed a 20 year career in classical ballet and contemporary dance took her to the United States, Canada and Europe.

Erica completed her training of the Feldenkrais Method® in Paris, France in 2006 and has since taught movement workshops and Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® classes to a variety of groups in Norway, Belgium, Japan, the United States and Canada. She also teaches ballet and contemporary dance in the professional community, locally and internationally.

Erica returned to Canada in 2010 to continue her interests in dance and movement as well as manual therapy. Erica teaches dance for numerous groups in the Vancouver community. As a dancer in Belgium Erika had received Osteopathic treatment, which she found to be beneficial to her health. She completed her manual osteopathy training in April 2019 at the Canadian School of Osteopathy Manual Practice in Vancouver and won the Coup de Coeur award for her thesis on manual osteopathy and olfactory dysfunction.

One-on-one, In person, Erica uses the hands-on ‘treatment’ of the Feldenkrais Method® called Functional Integration® lessons, as well as cranial osteopathy, and other techniques such as strain counter strain, muscle energy, visceral manipulation and fascial release to help people with dysfunction and pain.


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