Music by Eric Abdul Aziz on tabla & Naike Swai on bamboo flute

Movement with Nia Black Belts: Renée Tillotson, Sharlene Bliss, Krista Hiser and Nadia Fairlamb

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krista niaAn exotic journey into the unknown! Let Nia and the rhythm of the ragas seep into your pores, slowly energize your body, lift you into an exuberant dance of Joy, settle into your soul, and leave you deeply satisfied.

All 4 of Oahu’s Nia Blacks will dive into the river of the unknown, leading you through original, spontaneous choreography on this special occasion. Derived from dance, yoga and martial arts, Nia heals the body – mind – spirit connection.

The talking hand drums and bamboo flute will weave their magical rhythms and melodies from the musical tradition of India. Like jazz, Indian ragas are an improvised elaboration upon a musical theme. The ancient rhythms of the ragas are designed to benefit the spirit and body.

Light refreshments provided

Eric Abdul Aziz Always an avid percussionist, Eric Abdul Aziz began the journey of table fourteen years ago at the renowned Ali Akbar College of Music, San Rafael, California under the expert tutelage of table maestro Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri. Eric continued his tabla training with Ustad Rashid Jamal Bhartiya ofthe Delhi Gharana (musical tradition) in Boulder, Colorado. In 2004, Eric embarked upon the study of the sur bahar under the tutelage of Rashid’s brother, Ustad Roshan Jaragamal Bhartiya, international adjunctprofessor to Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Naike Swai, L.Ac Naike: is originally from Tanzania and studied Indian Bamboo flute, also known as Bansuri with maestro Pandit Harsh Wardhan in New Delhi, India. As Hawaii State Licensed Acupuncturist and practitioner of the healing arts, she believes that sound powerfully integrates our lives. She is honored to share the Bansuri with you!


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