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Looking for a girls’ day out? Learn to creatively and confidently express yourself while experiencing an exhilarating way to exercise with sensual movements from Egypt. Amala invites students of all ages, shapes and levels to explore traditional Near East movements, music and culture. Utilize nearly every muscle and joint in your body to improve strength, coordination, balance and grace with an emphasis on proper posture, hip articulations and body isolations. She is eager to share a fun and original choreography to an upbeat Egyptian pop piece. Allow Amala to show you how empowering and therapeutic the beauty of belly dance is for your body, soul and mind.


amala-headAmala Gameela is a passionate Middle Eastern Dance Artist specializing in folkloric Middle Eastern Dance and Egyptian Orientale based out of Honolulu. She is a sought after performer, enthusiastic event producer and generous instructor who presents traditional Middle Eastern Dance with beauty, culture and professional artistry. Amala continues to study with renowned professionals from the United States, Egypt and Europe. After over fourteen years of Middle Eastern dance studies she is an advocate for preserving the traditional art form. Amala invites students of all ages and shapes to explore the art and beauty of Belly Dance. In her day job she leads people through the wonders of the island as a nature and bird guide.

This video clip shows you some of the playful and alluring ways that Amala dances – with veil, sword, finger cymbals (sagat or zill) and even a cane!  

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