Fridays 4:30-5:30 pm, starting April 8th.

This class focuses on how belly dancers can gain their full potential when performing before an audience. Learn how to fine-tune your body for the stage through dance, poses and postures. You will learn what to do onstage and off and how to best prepare yourself and your body for the best show of your life.

Murat demirtasMurat Demirtas hails from a background of dance, gymnastics, and aerobics. He has taught dance and various movement modalities for the Turkish educational system, professional dance companies and artists. He has performed for many big companies including the Women for Nike Tour.

Based on his belief that every individual is a healer. Murat’s mission is to create an environment that guides people to evolve into their full potential. His successful classes are a fusion dance and aerobics that helps to bring an awereness of an individual’s inner power. Murat is the perfect balance of creativity and business, Murat is a well rounded teacher + artist + athlete with a special aura, joyful vibration and spirit that conveys his love of movement.

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