with Dr Jinju Dasalla

Sunday, March 10

5:00 – 6:00 pm


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A Primer and Q & A on Life Coaching: What is it? How can it make a difference in your life? Complimentary session by our visiting, resident life coach What to look for, what to avoid, and how you can start your journey TODAY with 5 new insights that will empower you in learning to become your own coach and best friend! If you are not willing to learn how to move in new ways, then this kind of journey is probably not for you. Curiosity, playfulness, and deep desire for more wholeness, inspiration and love in your life are all welcome!

 dr. jinju dasaliaJinju Dasalla, PhD. holistic educator and guide, divine movement artist, master of joyful inspiration, is truly unique in the world of personal growth and relationship coaching. Dr. Jinju employs an exquisite blend of art and science in movement, healing and contemplative practices to transcend limiting beliefs and create new, inspired ways of living and being. www.drjinju.com


with Dr. Jinju Dasalia & Pam Mayer

Sunday, March 3

4:00 – 5:45 pm

$15 for Playshop, potluck & film!

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4:00-5:45 pm This introductory playshop and flow jam is desigend for both the curious beginner and the more experienced flow artist. Flow Arts such as poi hoop dancing are a quickly growing movement meditation practice that blends play, dance and creative expression. This unique form of movement meditation and dance develops balance, grace and flexibility. Increasing research is showing these practices to be some of the most effective exercises in integrating right- and left-brain functioning, relieving stress and anxiety, and encouraging growth of new neural pathways. A regular flow practice can be a powerful step on the path to spiritual wholeness.

Poi and hoops will be available for use during the jam and for purchase.

6:00 pm optional vegetarian potluck followed by film ‘Happy’ moderated by Dr. Jinju Dasalia

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