Swiss-born, Italian-hearted and world-raised, Domenica has gained a big vision of human experience. Her eclectic background ranges from being a nurse, to a massage therapist, to a puppeteer and many things in between. You will soon see some of her inspired ceramic pieces at Still & Moving Center’s boutique.

Always expressing with her hands, either in dance, theatre or bodywork, Domenica dreamed of working with clay until 2005, when she finally dove into the technique and art of ceramics. The irresistible beauty of Hawai’i and her compassionate world-view have inspired Domenica to create her compelling ceramic pieces.

I met Dominica in one of my Nia classes about a decade ago, and she recently earned her Nia White Belt here at Still & Moving. She especially enjoys the healing and liberating aspects of dance, whether Nia or ecstatic or 5Rhythms dancing.

Domenica also loves the stillness of Vipassana meditation. Something of that inner calm is conveyed in the clean, simple elegance of her ceramics, along with the moving quality that comes from her dancing.

Her varied ceramic creations span classic Ikebana vases to unique multi-angled sculptures filled with feeling and movement. I’m particularly touched by the heart-life she brings to her human figures.

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