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Thursdays, 9 am.

Starts Thursday, April 26th.

Start your day off right with a vinyasa flow yoga class mixed with some pilates-inspired movements and exercises. Our power, our strength, comes from our core, which helps to keep us feeling grounded, balanced, and steady. This yoga class will focus on building strength and stability not only in the abdominal region, but in the back as well. Your spine will feel strong, long, and ready to support you throughout your daily activities. Kendra tailors the class to a range of ability levels, showing variations. All are welcome.


Kendra Gillis

In Kendra’s classes and coaching sessions, you get a warm welcome, thorough, detailed instruction and proper body alignment. Kendra helps you get centered, focused and gain a positive outlook!

A yogini and a proud Nova Scotian, Kendra has completed her 500 hours of RYT yoga teacher training and an Aerial Yoga teacher training. She began her journey as an instructor of mindful movement in Panama City, Florida and has been steadily increasing and deepening her practices over her years on Oahu.

Kendra is a certified Wellness coach and just finished her Masters in Health and Wellness coaching. Kendra earned her Nia White Belt under Winalee Zeeb. Besides training in Zumba and Turbokick, Kendra has completed a Barre Fitness certification through BarreAbove.

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