Lani, a life coach and our steadfast Golden Circle Member, has been taking herself to a whole new level. She just completed her 200 Hatha Yoga teacher training at Still & Moving Center with Claudia Castor!  Yay! 7 days a week for 3 weeks: it was intense. She will go to New York to take the  MELT. Method training in March, which is a technique designed to reduce chronic pain. Already trained in Nia’s White and Blue Belts, Lani will take Nia FreeDance training in California and then Nia Green Belt Training here in September. Whew!

I’m really impressed that Lani maintained her attendance at our Nia mentorship series even in the midst of the demands of her yoga teacher training. She is one determined, energetic gal!

All of Lani’s trainings signify her ongoing commitment to cultivating skills that she shares abundantly with others. She already subs Nia classes at Still & Moving, and we look forward to her teaching some of these other practices in months to come! She is already bringing both Nia and yoga into her teaching at Quantum Institute International.

As a life coach, Lani specializes in transformation and life re-design for optimism, self-compassion, goal-setting, meaningful work and success. She utilizes cutting-edge positive psychology research, as well as intuitive techniques, to provide balanced clarity to clients during times of change.   

An author, Lani publishes articles regularly in the monthly periodical Natural Awakenings Hawaii. Her CoPowerment Workbook has been described as raw, gritty, transparent, and personal. Currently Lani is writing a new transformative book: Creating YOUR Calling®: How to Discover Your Authentic Life Mission©.

She is not just an inspirational speaker and writer. Lani walks her talk!


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