World-renowned Tai Chi master Chungliang Huang celebrates the 99th birthday of Jean Erdman Campbell, ground-breaking modern dancer & wife of the great American philosopher Joseph Campbell.Jean-Campbell-Birthday-98-03

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Special guests and performers:

Jean Erdman Campbell

T’ai Chi Master Chungliang (Al) Huang

Kumu Hula Malia Helela and her halau, Na Hula Ola Aloha

Aerial Ambassadors of Still & Moving Center

Prof. Fred Lau on Bamboo Flute

This dancing tai chi master charms his way into our hearts with his stories and talents, coaxing us out onto the floor to move with him! Fred Lau serenades us with live flute. Aerialists delight us with their skills on the silks. The birthday “girl” may be so tickled by the hula that she joins the dance on her 99-year-old feet! Join us for a marvelous evening of whimsy, delight and of course, birthday cake!

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Event is co-sponsored by the Maitreya Institute, Hawai’i Forgiveness Project & Zhou Enlai Peace Institute

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 with Chungliang Al Huang and Jean Erdman Campbell

Tao-of-Aloha-logo-600x600Tai Ji dancer and performing artist, Chungliang Al Huang, with his rich experiences of Broadway, Hollywood and concert stages around the world, will demonstrate and share many dance styles including the great dancing of Hollywood MGM era of Astaire/Kelly, the Night Club Jazz of the great Sammy Davis, Jr, and the Modern Dances of Graham and Limon.

“Dance on both feet, balance the advancing and the yielding, the stepping and the picking up,” advises Al Huang.  And he will invite all of us to Tai Ji BOOGIE!

Everybody bring your Valentine, or come meet a new Valentine, or bring your buddies and we’ll all dance together!  Chungliang provides danceable music for every taste.

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with  Chungliang Al Huang, Tai Ji Master & UH Professor Ramdas Lamb


This workshop could have been named ‘Movement Meets Meditation in China and India’. If you could imagine two existing practices as moving meditations, would they not include Tai Ji and Yoga?  Here is your chance to get a glimpse of these two unhurried, intentional movement practices that derive from deep spiritual traditions from the East. Chungliang Huang will present the Taoist practice of Tai Ji (T’ai Chi), with Professor Ramdas Lamb of UH Manoa introducing the Hindu practice of Yoga.

From the Chinese as well as the Indian perspective, each of them will tell us how training the body helps to train our ability to concentrate and hold focus.  

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Sign Up Now!   with Chungliang Al Huang, Tai Ji Master & Ramsay Taum, Kumu Lua


Tao-of-Aloha-logo-600x600Listen to and watch two martial masters comparing their different traditions. Chungliang Al Huang, originally from China, is a Tai Ji master dancer and Taoist philosopher, and Ramsay Taum of Oahu is a Kumu Lua, a Master of the Way of the Hawaiian Warrior. See what these two martial practices can look like in motion!  Chinese Tai Ji (T’ai Chi) and Hawaiian lua, seem to come from two quite different cultures. Yet both practices arise from deep spiritual traditions with perspectives on life and death, both begin by learning to heal, progress through training in fighting skills, and ultimately aim to result in a safer, more peaceful world.  Learn how these two disciplines of warriorship serve as practical tools in today’s lifestyle.

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Tai Ji (T’ai Chi) Master Chungliang Al Huang returns to his beloved Hawaii to share his great knowledge, life experience and aloha. Presenting the ancient art of Tai Ji (T’ai Chi) counterpoised with several other moving art forms, Chungliang will be joined by experts in Hula, Lua and Yoga. These will be public lecture-demonstrations, with audience participation and a question/answer period.

Al-Huang-headshotAn internationally acclaimed taijiquan/Tai Ji master, dancer and performing artist, Chungliang is Founder/President of Living Tao Foundation. He has been called “a master in the arts of living” and “a sage for the modern age.” Throughout his remarkable life, everything that Huang has accomplished has been imbued with Tai Ji –  the philosophical basis of the practice of taijiquan (T’ai Chi Chuan) and variations of martial arts practice based on the Tao philosophy of Wei Wu Wei, cultivating a powerful inner strength to dance with forces of “the least resistance”.

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Sign Up Now!   with Chungliang Al Huang, professional dancer & Mālia Helelā, Kumu Hula  


Tao-of-Aloha-logo-600x600How could these two practices – Tai Ji and Hula – arising out of very different worldviews, be related?  Yet are they really so different? Surely these are two of the Earth’s most grounded movement practices.  Connection with the world of nature is held in common with both. Chungliang discusses some of the basic principles of Tai Ji as a movement form connected from heaven to the earth, the natural elements.  Kumu Hula Mālia Helelā from Still & Moving Center discuss parallels with Hula. Through guided forms of Tai Ji and hula dance, audience members are welcomed into dances of the elements with Master Huang and Kumu Mālia.

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